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The Information Universe

Why the basis of the universe isn't just energy or matter - it's information

Information flows everywhere, through DNA and genes, through brain cells and quantum particles. But while it may appear obvious to us now, until recently we had no awareness of what information was or how it worked.

Information is the basis of all life. Spiritualists, mediums and esoteric teachers may refer to God in many forms - spirit, intelligence, the divine creator and so on, and all of these terms can be valid for each belief system. None of these labels detracts from the true nature of the energy that pervades all of creation and which we are now beginning to understand in ways that are seeing the unification of science and spirituality in ways that have not been apparent before.

Information is everything that informs our world and is crucial to our biological substance. Our very genetic code is information, a coded language from which human language itself emerged.

Quite simply, life speaks to us. The universe is speaking, communicating to us in a language that, at a deeper level, we recognise and respond to. The elements and energies of the cosmos connect directly with each of us in ways that we are only just beginning to consciously understand and we, as individuals also communicate with everything that is through multiple levels and in an infinite number of ways.

Our DNA acts as an 'antenna' that both receives and transmits light energy (information) from and to a number of sources, including humans, animals and the informational grid of the planet itself. On a non-physical level, we also receive and send out information to other levels of reality.

Resonant fields exist between all intelligent sources enabling information to be exchanged vibrationally, electrically, digitally and holographically (all of these form different levels of our perception anyway). Light, so often thought of as being an electromagnetic radiation, is itself a source and transmitter of enormous amounts of information which is decoded and transformed into other forms of energy within all living creatures.

This knowledge is transforming the way that we think about the nature of the universe and of life itself and is proving what spiritual teachers of note have always said: all of life is one.

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