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Testimonials - what people said about their sitting


"Each and every one of these testimonials is genuine and published here, word for word. I never ask anyone to send me a testimonial or even to comment on the sitting - all are submitted freely from those who feel that I have been able to help - there are already enough egos in this world, without me adding to that list. It is always humbling that people value what I have given, but I must emphasise that it is down to those in the afterlife that any thanks should really be directed." - Robert Goodwin (September 2022).

"Thank you for our meeting yesterday. The information was amazing, you are truly gifted, and it was a pleasure to share that time with you. I felt so refreshed upon waking this morning." SL

"Thank you so much Rob, your readings make the world of difference in my connections to spirit. A million thanks." HI

"Thank you for today. The badge was my Dad's work badge when he worked for The Halifax. Mum found it last week. I feel lifted after today. Can't thank you enough." SM

"Thank you again for such a wonderful reading. You talk about my glow…I see such radiance, love and kindness in you!  Your genuineness
is a beacon of light. I was blown away by your description of •••• in the blue gown.  Those photos were taken back in the 80’s and I am so thrilled that he appeared in this way. Your words and messages are such a comfort to me as I miss my friend very much." GW

"Thank you so much for the sitting today, it was just wonderful. Really appreciate the opportunity to get those messages from members of our family. Especially Dad." TG

"I also wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful sitting. It was extremely uplifting with some important, meaningful messages for us both. It is a wonderful service which you provide with kindness and generosity, which we really appreciated." AF

"Thank you for your time this afternoon.  It was a lovely experience and feel grateful that our paths have crossed. Your skills are truly amazing and I only wish I could communicate with the spirit world as you do.  However, I don’t underestimate the energy it must take.  

It’s comforting to know that you are able to connect with my guides and loved ones." CS

"Great to see you last night. What a great demonstation, with quality evidence you brought through. The same with philosophy with White Feather. I felt very lucky to be present at the service, and receive the message you gave, which was 100% accurate. So thank you, spirit and WF." MC

"Hello Rob and thank you again for the reading on Thursday, I had a look at the family tree I had and found what you spoke of and even a Robert who was my great, great grandad etc. My youngest daughter also found the young man on her phone and he had a short sleeve Tee-shirt, I know his mum, but not well enough to let her know her son came through but I will put her and him in my healing book." AS


"Just emailing to thank you for my reading. It was amazing. I have felt like a different person the past few days it was lovely to know my dad is around as I was starting to feel that he wasn't anymore for some reason . Just wanted to let you know what a difference you have made for me. Many thanks again" RB

"Thank you for such a wonderful reading for Mum.  I’ve never seen her so engaged and happy with someone she’s never met.  She just kept saying how wonderful the session was." GW

We both appreciate you very much!

"Loved your reading last week. So accurate." JP

"All of what you said in the last session came to pass. Amazing!! " CW

"I just wanted to thank you again for last night. It was the most incredible experience! Thank you for sharing your gift with me." AW

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your extraordinary reading.  I’ve had a few in my lifetime but nothing that spoke so deeply to where I am in my life now. Your sincerity and genuine care for people is so obvious.  Thank you with all my heart." GW

"Thank you so much for the reading last night.  Your connexion was very strong with my family members and I felt them very close to me and completely in touch with my life . " SJ

"Hi Rob. Thanks again for the sitting, we've listened to it together and it's spot on." CR


"Thanks a lot for last night's great reading with me. Every evidence you brought was so accurate, so amazing that no words can describe my feelings. Although I have had previous experiences with this kind of reading, this experience with you was beyond all my expectations. Locations, my loved ones in spirit, messages that have given me great joy and peacefulness. Although I did not have any doubts, your demonstration proved to me that there is life after death. I am not just believing in this truth, I know it is the truth which I have been seeking to find in my path. Thank you Robert." PY

"I can't thank you enough for our session. Our session really gave me peace with a lot of things, confirmation others and a reason to continue to move forward, thank you. I am really looking forward to our next session. My hope is by then I will be out of this depression and have grown a little more spiritually. Again, I THANK YOU from the depths of my soul. You will never know how much the reading meant to me." KW

"Hi Rob, just wanted to say a big 'thank you' to you and spirit for my reading today. I got the answers to all my questions and more." SB

"Thank you for the reading I had with you some months ago just before your Dad passed.  During the reading, my husband, grandfather, cousin and my Catholic Mum all came through (oh and of course my beloved 20 year old cat!) You have a great gift!" CK


"Thank you for the other evening it was really lovely. You said my father kept trying to mention a watch and I didn't understand. My son reminded me my father gave him his watch." SS


"I just wanted to say thank you for the reading you gave me on Thursday, you really have a remarkable gift!  So grateful for all that you shared with me from those who came forward." HI


"Dear Robert, I would just like to say thank you for the lovely reading I had with you on Friday - all what you said was very accurate. After my reading I felt uplifted and happy. Over the years I have had many signs sent from spirit validating their presence, and proof that our loved ones are very much with us just not in the physical sense." CP

"Really enjoyed the reading, thank you so much, we understood everyone who communicated." PM

"I want to thank you again, I wasn't really expecting a mediumship type of reading, I was under the impression that you channel in a guide that speaks to higher realms beyond personality....when the reading was focused around mediumship I was taken off guard, but was then so impressed by your accuracy, I don't think there was one "off" bit of information, every bit was relevant and resonate. I didn't know I needed it, yet it was so beneficial to hear from those of this plane that still watch over and love us." NA


"I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading you did for me last Wednesday on Skype. It has made such a difference to me - it feels as if a giant internal wound has been healed and I feel more able to look to the future and consider that there is a possibility of life. I am very grateful - you certainly are gifted but I know that a lot of discipline must also have gone into making you the talented medium you are today." JI

"Hey Robert, thanks again for the reading yesterday it was spectacular.Thinking of getting another, what would you recommend?" TB


"Thank you for the reading last night, very interesting." SB

"Thank you very much for the lovely and fantastic reading, everything was spot on." EM

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading.  It all made so much sense to me in a time in my life that I really needed to hear from my dad.  I still miss him terribly after all these years.  I have always felt that by helping another we are in turn helped as well with a deep sense of love we feel for our brothers and sisters in mankind.  Please know that you have done that for me. You really helped me with not only the reading today but in all the information you are providing to us on your website and podcasts. I appreciate all you are doing. Thanks again!"  K

"Blessings and keep up the great work. All of my family speaks of you and your wonderful readings that have touched their lives.' L

"I have been to many psychics in the past and you are far the best." B


"Thank you for an amazing night of trance I felt so up lifted afterwards and full of energy and love, it was just amazing!" M


"I just wanted to let you know that you were spot on in your reading from last year. Thanks so much for all of your help. You have helped me tremendously over the years:) L


"Thanks again! Great clarity" D


"Hi Robert thank you - I received my CD today I want to thank you so much for my reading it has given me great comfort knowing that my loved one is still with me by my side. It really means a lot to hear at this sad time in my life and it was a pleasure to meet you." P


"What words can I put on this to express what pleasure and serenity you gave me and my sister on Friday last. You gave us hope, peace and our hearts are uplifted by your words. More precious than anything on this earth that could be bought with money. You are such a kind and pleasant man and we have laughed and smiled and cried with you over the gifts you have given us from Spirit. They are to us more precious than gold. You bring back memories and advice from the most beloved ones we have lost and give us joy, knowing they are still around us. Our love and best wishes go out to you both." M, L & R


"Thanks Robert, very good reading" P


"Thank you once again for that reading. I was truly blown away. I didn't realise the pain was still there deep down. Thanks once again." K


"Hello Robert! You did a reading for me on November 1st 2013 and I just want to give you a little feedback. You told me that my husband would be changing job and he did. He started a new position last week on August 18th, 2014. You also told me that we would not be selling our house yet and it would be a few years down the road and this is exactly what is happening. My husband accepted a transfer into a new position where we used to live 100 km away in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. We decided to not sell our house as our children would like to finish school here in Fredericton. He is now commuting the 200 km daily trip back and forth to Saint John. Thank you so much for your guidance and for sharing your gift" A


"Hi Rob thank you for the great reading on Wednesday. Two important people came through who never have before and I am very happy." F


"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading.  It has given me enormous comfort and I'm so very grateful to you and your gift." L


"Thank you for the lovely readings tonight, my daughter and I were very impressed and we are telling friends about you." B


"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for my reading today. I have taken a lot from meeting with you" C


"I just wanted to say a very big thank you, I really appreciate every word. It has given me much comfort." S

"Many thanks for the reading last Friday and the CD recording which I received today. I am very grateful to you for all the information that came up and it will help me to move forward and plan my future direction and career I always feel a strong connection to my family through you which I value enormously." R


"Thanks for today Robert, you were completely accurate and have put my mind at rest to a much greater degree than before during this difficult time." D


"Just wanted to give you feed back - your connection with spirit is incredible" 


"Went to see Robert today with my boyfriend. He is truly amazing. Everything he told us was spot on. One of the best by far. Thank you Robert will definitely be returning!" V

"Thanks so much for such a truly stunning experience , I needed a faith I think I may have found some thing thanks to you." ID


"We had a reading on November 1st 2013 and I just wanted to thank you so much. Your reading was very accurate in many ways and touched me deeply." A


"I am enjoying the book immensely thank you and I was so impressed and motivated after Saturday. I have seen quite a few trance mediums, but none as good as you and White Feather." - JJ


"Hello Rob - There are a few points concerning our Wednesday morning Skype reading with you that I thought I would answer and clarify. You mentioned a chain and I didn't acknowledge it but I was in fact wearing at that moment a chain that I now wear ever since my husband passed away - it has on it a medallion he gave me the night we were married as well as my original wedding ring. You also mentioned a Stetson type hat and that would be me wearing one. I have changed the type of riding I do from the English style to Western so this is significant. At the very end of our reading you said that he was saying "What took you so long?"  with what you called a 'cheeky half-smile'. This is so accurate because he would often tease me and he would smile with just half his mouth - I have always called this his crooked smile. I know that is the smile you were referring to. Another detail I'd like to clarify - you stated that there are 4 sisters
(correct) and 1 "in spirit".  I said that there was not one in spirit but I was reminded that my mother had a miscarriage - we her children have never known if it was a boy or a girl.Thank you". SP


"I have so wanted to say a big Thank You for the truly beautiful reading that you gave me on Friday 22nd February 2013. It meant a lot to me. A big thank you, you truly have a wonderful gift." LB


"Hello Rob,I had a wonderful Skype reading with you last week. I wanted to send you a follow-up e-mail about that experience. First of all it was a wonderful reading. I had my father, mother, brother and brother-in-law and an aunt come through. Thank you for the gift of that connection. I will continue to meditate with love peace and serenity to my higher guides. I will send you my positive energy as you continue on your life journey. God bless," DS


"Hello Robert i want to thank you for today. i cannot thank you enough you made contact for me and with only things that i and my loved one would know. I came to you with unanswered questions and went away happy knowing my loved one was happy and with me still. Thank you, thank you, thank you". - J


"Just a little note to say we received the disk. Also, would like to thank you so very much for the readings you gave to myself and L on Friday 27th September. I had never done anything like that ever, and I was very nervous - I assume you could tell. It was a very nice experience. Thank you for such a lovely time of peace. May God Bless you and yours." 


"I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you gave me last Wednesday. In fact I'm finding more things to think about and recognizing more connections as I listen to it again." N


"Thank you so much for the reading you did for me yesterday, and the cd which I received today. During the sitting I felt really close to my parents and it was a very special experience for me.I am sure they were grateful to you as well for enabling the session to take place." R


"Fab evening at Hafan, best dem I have ever seen" - R

"Thank you so much for today. You won't believe what a difference the reading has made to my life already. I feel so much more at peace knowing that my brother is ok. I was worried he was suffering on the other side. I was losing my sense of life purpose." - J


"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being in your company. Hearing that level of spiritual philosophy again was truly wonderful. Thank you for ALL you do. All good wishes" - JM

"I was quite astounded at the accuracy of V's reading; you were absolutely spot on as regards her personal situation" M


"I regard you as one of the most evidential mediums I have known in the last 20 years" - RB


Hi Robert,  Thank you for me accurate reading you gave me. I was very pleased with the information given to you from Spirit. My Grandad came through very strong to you with name and profession and information about the current goings on in my Life. Part of the reading suggested I attend my local Spiritualist Church asap and within the next couple of weeks. Also you gave me information about a man who I knew who I would talk of spiritual matters in great depth. I could not take this at the time. You thought if It had not happened then it may be something that would be happening soon. I looked up the Church to find a Clairvoyant evening was taking place yesterday. So I went along as you indicated Spirit would have further information whilst I was at the Church. I did not get a message from the Medium, but whilst in the Church I spotted an old work Colleague who I had not seen for about 3 years. We got talking and on catching up with each other I found out his mediumship abilities had been opened over the course of the last couple of years. Also he was just starting up a development circle shortly at his home. I went back to his for a coffee and we sat talking for 5 hours about spirit . It has now been confirmed this man was the one you had described to me in my reading and the two weeks would have meant that as he was starting his circle within the two weeks , it explained why I needed to get to the church within the two weeks. Spirit does work in wonderful and mysterious ways. Both of us have had a lot to go through within our lives and its clear Spirit are preparing us for working with them. May Spirit Bless you Robert for putting information my way to enable the pieces of the Jigsaw to fit. Love and Light  - M


Thank you very much for the session you did for me on Tuesday.  Both Anne and I thought you were extremely good and we were struck by your humanity and integrity.  J


Thank you for the reading that you did for me last Tuesday, and the cd which I received today. You did an amazing job of linking me to my parents and everything was very meaningful and was exactly what I needed to hear. I am extremely grateful to you for this - RC


Hi Robert, Thank you for the (SKYPE) sitting today and although it was hard to hear sometimes I heard what i needed to is very refreshing to meet someone that is genuine. - G


Thank you for yesterday's most wonderful (Skype) sitting and for bringing so much light and comfort with your words! - E

Greetings from Crete!  Thanks a lot again for the reading.  I don't know if you remember anything of the readings you give, probably not I guess, but Jack my husband was able to accept the names you gave which was great for him.  As for me, some of it was so deep and life changing that I was hardly on the ground yesterday, had to keep reminding myself to breathe! Annie

"I have passed your number on to my friends and they will be booking with you. Thanks so much for the sitting, it was great" - Sam

"Thank you again Robert for another lovely evening, Its always exciting when you come to Mediumystics, I'll email you soon, Take care, loads of love to you and you family" - Abby xxx 

"Thank you so much for the sitting. You are honestly the best medium I have ever been to.  You seem to work at a higher level than others and really understood what was going on.  You have more knowledge than most mediums.  You and your wife have been so kind. Thank you again." A

Just a note to express my apprecation for a superb demonstration of trance mediumship at Bewdley last night. Well worth the drive from Hereford for an ex brummie/blackcountry OAP.Again many thanks. Jim


"Just spent with my two development circles an amazing 2 hours thanks to Robert Goodwin with his guide White Feather. Thank you for the philosophy and all the answers to the many varied questions from the group. All answered with understanding, love and compassion. An opportunity never to be missed if it is presented to you. Thank you for the service you do for spirit Rob. Love and light. RB

I would like to express my thanks for a truly wonderful evening last night at Herrison Hall where you demonstrated your Trance Mediumship & we had the pleasure to meet 'White Feather'. I did not quite know what to expect as have not experienced trance mediumship before - only having private readings in the past. It has really opened my eyes & me & my mum really enjoyed it!  - JODIE


"I just wanted to thank you very much for the demonstration of trance last night at Leamington. I have in the past read teachings of Silver Birch and refer to the books frequently and have often wished that i would have been old enough to have been present and witnessed the information first hand, but after last night i did indeed witness a really awe inspiring night which most certainly made me feel humble to have listened to White Feather and the wisdom given.I admire most strongly your passion, dedication and humbleness and hope that you may go on for many years to come with this wonderful work." P


"I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to meet you and learn a little bit about you. You have a very calming energy." Pam


"I have read the teachings of White Feather and, on two occasions, had the pleasure and privilege of hearing this great spirit speak through your trans-mediumship. Both occasions were truly amazing; it was a spirit to spirit experience. Thank you for making a difference, for reaching out to us, for embracing us all, no matter who we are, and for bringing to us the TRUTH. May your light forever shine." - Love, light and peace." Julie 


"I read your book 'Golden Thread' many years ago when I stumbled on it in a bookshop. Years on, as my mediumship has unfolded it has been a source of strength for me. Thank you for giving me this very special gift. Now that I have found your website, I will be traveling from East Sussex to your events." - Sonia Finch

"The popularity of mediumship has blossomed in recent years with the advent of the worldwide web and the increase in media interest and in many ways has become more accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are a spiritualist or not. Indeed, mediums such as Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and Derek Acorah could almost be considered as household names.

However, mention 'White Feather' or 'trance mediumship' and people may wonder of whom or what you are speaking! Yet the spirit guide who has worked through his medium Robert Goodwin for almost forty years is one of the foremost spiritual teachers of our day. Like Silver Birch and others before him, his spiritual philosophy is both as broad in its appeal as it is profound in its content and six books of his discourses have propelled him to the forefront of modern spirit world communicators.

What makes trance different from other forms of mediumship is the ability of the medium or 'instrument' to enter an altered state to the degree that the spirit communicators can express more of themselves during the time of attunement. Often, mediums can be witnessed mentally asking their guide for information, as if talking to an invisible friend standing close by - which is exactly what they are doing, yet when trance mediumship of the quality demonstrated by Robert is witnessed, it soon becomes obvious that a totally different entity is present than that of the medium. It is as if Robert has stepped aside and White Feather has replaced him, which is essentially what happens. The exchange however, is always a mental one, not physical, although Robert will often say that he has no idea where he himself goes to whilst the guide takes over.

Robert and his wife Amanda (whom White Feather refers to as Sunflower) always go to great lengths to explain that the spirit teacher takes 'control' of the medium's mental aspect by entering into his energy field or 'aura' - thus gaining access to his subconscious faculties. Through this, further access to other mental faculties including speech, hearing and some motor movements can be obtained and the spirit visitor can, through the power of his thoughts, communicate directly through the medium. There are always notable differences in voice tone, language patterns, phraseology and most definitely spiritual wisdom, leading to the inevitable comment by observers 'that was not Robert speaking, but a totally different being'.

All true trance mediumship should demonstrate a depth of communication that exceeds the mentality of the medium and also be totally spontaneous, especially when it comes to the guide answering questions from members of the public. There should be no unnecessary interference from the mind of the medium. although as with all forms of mediumship, there is some colouration because the unconscious mind cannot be entirely bypassed.

Finally, the communication itself should demonstrate a greater intelligence at work and it should be obvious to all who witness the demonstration that a higher mind and spirituality is being manifest.

White Feather is a master of communication, often combining his undoubted wisdom, with profound answers expressed so simply that all can understand them. Utilising his own dry sense of humour when necessary, to lift the energies, he appeals to both young and old, knowledgeable and ignorant alike - a true teacher of our time."

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