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High vibration go on

To the sun, oh let my heart dreaming

Past a mortal as me

Where can I be?

Wish the sun to stand still

Reaching out to touch our own being

Past all mortal as we

Here we can be wrote the wonderfully gifted lead singer of the prog rock group 'Yes', Jon Anderson many years ago.

Anderson was touching upon something that is part of our essential nature and which White Feather has also mentioned more frequently over the last twelve months - the need to 'raise our vibrations' and 'keep our vibrational energy high'. This is referring to each of us as 'individuals' and also to humanity as a whole, because make no mistake, the overall energy of the planet and of all life is being severely threatened by the current agenda being imposed upon it.

The 'bottom line' of course, is that our essential nature of pure awareness can, of itself, never be threatened. Neither can it be modified, added to or degraded in any way - it just IS. But, the human mind, which arises within awareness, is the target of attacks upon many levels and when fear, anxiety, anger and a whole host of negative states begin forming, then we start to draw away from the centre of our own being. Our vibrational state drops and our level of consciousness dips and when this happens over a lengthy period, it can be difficult to raise again. We can easily lose sight of our essential nature of being and get sucked in to the five-sense reality, rather than the expanded state which is our true nature.

You may ask - how do we 'raise our vibrational energies'? There are several ways - meditation, disconnecting our mind from the media, being closer to nature, reading spiritual books and following the teachings of ancient and modern day spiritual teachers; but most importantly - going within and simply being in the silence and stillness of our own being, where we will find absolute peace and calmness unlike any other. If we then carry on this inner state into our 'outer' life we not only reap the benefits ourself, but also radiate this calmness to others - so it's a win/win situation.


Do you ever wonder why the mainstream media is highly selective in what it allows you to know? Do you ever stop and think why they always push the 'official' narrative - whether it's politics, Big Pharma, religion or anything else that they want to believe, whilst totally ignoring what they don't want you to know?

The current favourites are of course the 'pandemic' and the climate change 'crisis', both of which this writer has said for a long time are manufactured by governments and their handlers. Take a look at the video from Israel - one of the most oppressive regimes in existence. Doesn't this smack of Nazism to you? It certainly does to me and yet here is a supposed 'Jewish' country, inflicting medical apartheid on its own people? Are their memories so short that they have forgotten the yellow stars that they were forced to wear during WWII? Clearly, there is something very wrong with the world and unless people wake up and refuse to cooperate with their own enslavement, what is happening in Israel will soon be arriving on your own doorstep. Don't say you haven't been warned.

And finally.....yes, this is a 'spiritual' website, lovingly devoted to truth and the advancement of the human soul. But 'awakening' is not selective. The coin of truth has two sides and you cannot know one without the other.