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Listen to Rob speaking with famous trance medium Roy Allen. Roy is an Australian-based, but well travelled and highly regarded Trance Medium whose two main spirit guides are former Psychic News Editor and instrument for Silver Birch, Maurice Barbanell and world famous medium Estelle Roberts. Along with 'Henry' they deliver spiritual teachings and philosophy that enthral audiences far and wide. Roy is also a channel for spiritual healing and he and his wife hold a weekly home circle and trance healing circle through which their guides have helped many people worldwide.

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We live in troubled times, there's no doubt about it. Yet, what and where is that 'trouble' to be found? Is it 'out there' somewhere in the big old world or is it actually 'within' our own mind?

I would suggest that it is the latter, because all that we can ever know of the world, is our 'knowing' of it - or our experience of knowing, to be precise. This experience and the knowing of it, can only ever take place within our consciousness, in which case we have a measure of control over it.

Thus, we are not at the behest of what we perceive as being 'outside' of ourself when it comes to finding and being, at peace. Peace is our essential nature and is therefore freely available to us at all times; never dependent upon conditions or circumstances.

When we realise this simple, yet profound truth, we become empowered.

The old saying 'know thyself' does not refer to knowing ourself as an individual entity, personality or unique separate being, apart from all others, bur rather as all that is, was and ever shall be.

Despite the title of this short essay, peace is not to be found, discovered or added in any way. Rather, it is to be recognised as the ever-present state of bliss underlying all. It is never out of reach and only always, a breath away, closer than close.

Be at peace always x