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My good friend James McQuitty has just published a landmark book. 'The Great Awakening - what the spirit guides say', available from Amazon in several formats.

At this time upon Earth a unique worldwide Spiritual Awakening is occurring. At the same time, running side by side with this spiritual awakening, there is another awakening, and it is to the corruption, the greed, and some say evil, that has been and still is rife on this plane of life, but is now being exposed for what it is, so that it can be dismantled and replaced by a more compassionate, kind, loving and fair society. This book shares information in the form of communications received from a number of spirit guides speaking through fifteen different trance mediums over the course of more than a century, including ten mediums active today. The spirit guides speak of both the positive impact of the spiritual awakening upon our spiritual nature, which is rising in frequency, and the ‘dark agenda’ run by ‘globalists’ or super-rich ‘materialists’ in cooperation worldwide with politicians controlling governments and directing them to do the bidding of those behind the dark agenda. This surely is a book that every free thinker should read to understand what is going on both spiritually and to discover how the dark agenda seeks to impose their ‘madness’ and dominating and controlling agenda upon us all. An agenda that seeks to deny everyone the right of free speech, free movement, and in fact all freedoms that the would-be dictators wish to restrict and control. An agenda that we all need to stand-up to and say, “No”; an agenda we must resist and refuse to comply with. This is a time of revolution, but it must be a peaceful, non-violent revolution. Goodness triumphs through love, non-compliance, and by understanding our true nature as eternal spirit beings; this, the messages within this book inform us, is the way forward.

The following are two testimonies about the book (and included within): ‘In these increasingly dystopian times one may be forgiven for wondering where salvation might be sought. Yet where better to look than from some of those enlightened souls in the afterlife whose guidance and wise counsel has brought comfort to countless individuals over the years? To this end the author has brilliantly drawn together the wisdom of several powerful spirit teachers, who although speaking independently of each other share the same vital information through a common thread that both warns of current and forthcoming events whilst also pointing towards the solution. Indeed, one cannot help but wonder, that had these wonderful spirit sages been brought together simultaneously and asked to address the issues now facing humanity, the resulting narrative would have precisely reflected the collective wisdom found within these pages. I congratulate James McQuitty on his diligence, determination and skill in sourcing, collating and bringing together this vital information so needed by humanity – he is truly a voice for spirit and a power for good.’ Robert Goodwin, Medium & Author. ‘This book is full of truth and I am delighted to have some of my channelled messages included. It's interesting to read the various perspectives coming through each medium, with the golden thread of truth stitching everything together. ‘There are many great messages published, and after reviewing these I have been surprised at their lucidity and level of truth. Sometimes I forget how earnest the angels are in their efforts to communicate with us. ‘I wish James great success in this publication and his intentions to help wake up humanity. It's a formidable job but as we are blessed and guided, we will enter through many doorways of opportunity to share and uplift others. Much love and appreciation to you my brother.’ Al Fike, Trance Medium.

The latest Rob Goodwin Podcast is now streaming via all the usual channels.

Featuring my interview with Summer Bacon who is a US based spiritual teacher, and has been a Trance Medium for the beautiful spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles since 1994. She first met Dr. Peebles in 1989, through Trance Medium, Thomas Jacobson [To Dance with Angels, by Don & Linda Pendleton]. When Thomas quit channeling, she decided that she did not want to lose her connection with Dr. Peebles, and proceeded to set out to "find" him with her heart. Here, she discusses her work as well as giving us glimpses into her earlier life, sharing some of the experiences that shaped her development. Summer's mission is not to prove the existence of God and Spirit to anyone, but rather to help demystify mysticism in order to empower people to create their own relationship with God and Spirit. She enjoys helping people who are struggling with their spiritual identity, and trying to figure out how to fit into and enjoy everyday life. Aside from channeling Dr. Peebles, she has personally counseled individuals who are afraid of ghosts, have had extraterrestrial encounters, fear death, are trying to connect with their guides and learn how to deepen their relationship with God by listening to that "still, small voice within." In this fascinating discussion she also channels Dr. Peebles (around 41 minutes in) much to the delight of her host, allowing the listener to sample the wisdom of the spirit guide.

Those of you who are fully awake to the fast moving agenda and it’s multifaceted components may be forgiven, when faced with the latest assault on your very existence – be it the imposition of ever increasing energy costs, the fear of war, concerns about another ‘pandemic’, health passports, digital passports, the withdrawal of cash, ’15 minute cities’, the rise of AI and many another aspects of ‘the great reset’, what to do about it?

The sage will say, ‘do nothing – just remain within your centre, be at peace and observe the world without becoming enmeshed within it’. In short, simply watch.

The aware ‘conspiracy theorist’ (someone who has seen though the illusion and recognises the lies and manipulation that are used to control the population and the direction of global events) will say, ‘spread the word, expose the agenda, become an activist, go on marches, sign petitions, become involved in helping to oppose and take down the corrupt ‘elite’ (evil) in our midst’.

These two viewpoints, each one equally valid, compete for our attention and yet pull us is seemingly opposite directions. The question therefore arises, ‘How to we reconcile this dichotomy?’ If, as we are informed both by spirit and also by the findings of quantum physics, our thoughts create our reality, surely we have to be extremely cautious about what we give our energy to? Well yes, we do, and the great truth that ‘what we fight, we become’ is one that we would be wise to consider.

My own view is that balance, or moderation, is the key.

Plant the seeds of knowing in the soil of life and then leave them to fertilize and grow. Share what you know factually (not just your belief, which may only be related to context) and then disconnect from it – don’t dwell on it or allow your energies to become so entangled with it that it is the dominant factor in your thinking. Then, enter into your centre, connect with your essential self and the deep peace and stillness that resides there.

White Feather has said on numerous occasions that the ‘enlightenment’ of any ‘individual’ (a facet of the whole) has en enormous impact upon the collective consciousness of humanity. In mathematical terms, this could be compared to the positive energy of one individual compensating for the negative energy of many thousands. This makes complete sense when you recognise that darkness has no resistance to a single light source. Imagine a truly powerful light source – the sun for example (in physical terms) and its impact upon the darkness of space and every planet and moon within its orbit. The same can be said for your own inner light and power.

There is nothing wrong with knowing. We cannot ‘know’ one side of the coin and not the other. We cannot bury our head in the sand and simply ignore or deny the darker side of life or even our own being. When we shed the light of inner knowing upon ourselves and allow it to radiate into the world, we truly become a catalyst for positive change.

Love to you all.

Look out for the next episode of The Rob Goodwin Podcast - out on March 1st, featuring my talk with USA trance medium Summer Bacon

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