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Current Episode - 15th February 2021

James McQuitty was born in Putney, London in 1950, and worked there for many years before moving to Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK in 1992.
He began to seriously study spiritual philosophy in 1981, and at this time he also began to regularly attend demonstrations by the renowned medium Jessie Nason.
Since then he has had many personal experiences and seen spirit visitors on numerous occasions, as well as receiving a great number of spirit communications via other mediums. These include a trance communication message that led to him becoming an author, with the release of his first book in 1994.
In his books he shares an understanding of our true status in this universe, which is that of immortal souls, and much, much more. He is also a qualified spiritual healer.
His writing style is easy to read and understand, enabling even those who are new to the subjects covered to finish highly informed and greatly inspired.

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