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Current Episode - 20th June 2021

Seven years after qualifying to become a spiritual healer, Sandy Edwards approached a consultant gastroenterologist at a city hospital and offered to give healing to his patients as a volunteer. She provided healing sessions alongside conventional medical treatments, documenting the effects in a scientific way, and the doctor was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive outcomes. In partnership with the University of Birmingham, as well as a national grant to fund the study, Sandy instigated the largest clinical research trial of spiritual healing in the world. Here, she discusses her work and her forthcoming book 'Spiritual Healing in Hospitals and Clinics' with Robert and Amanda Goodwin.

Revealing the outstanding results of this two-year medical trial, which involved 200 chronically ill hospital patients, Sandy demonstrates that spiritual healing (energy medicine) can support the healing process of a patient, whether they are in pain, sick, stressed, or depressed. In many cases, these patients had been suffering for a long time with little hope of recovery. Yet they improved substantially in numerous ways after receiving just five 20-minute healing sessions.

Illustrating how spiritual healing helps a patient from pain and distress through to recovery, Sandy shares intriguing evidence from case studies as well as other research projects that negate the myth that energy healing is only a placebo. She offers statements from medical professionals who have witnessed the results firsthand and also details a quick technique to relieve pain that readers can apply in their own lives.

Showing how spiritual healing not only led to improved outcomes for patients, but also faster recovery times and thus less time spent in hospitals, Sandy moves us one step closer to widespread acceptance for spiritual healing and energy medicine.


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