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The monthly Rob Goodwin Podcast will appear here regularly, featuring recordings from White Feather plus interviews, opinions and discussions on the latest cutting edge discoveries in the metaphysical arena as well as updates on current world events. You can also listen to the podcast via Buzzsprout , Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, via Amazon 'Alexa' (just say 'Alexa, play the Rob Goodwin Podcast) or your own podcast provider - enjoy!

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Current Episode 29 - 24th June 2022

On June 7th 2022 White Feather spoke through his medium of over fifty-years, Robert Goodwin to an online group comprising participants from across the world. The group was relatively small in number, but the guide's message was huge; wake up NOW to what is unfolding by the day or suffer the consequences.

The sage is known for his wise counsel and for always answering any question asked of him without hesitation and he did not disappoint, responding in direct fashion to some very direct questioning, particularly towards the latter stages of the session. For anyone who has so far failed to recognise the Orwellian global agenda, otherwise known as 'Agenda 30' and 'The Great Reset'  - which in effect is a power grab of enormous proportions by the 'elite' power-brokers and mega-rich to the detriment of all life on our planet - this is your wake-up call.

Ignore the words of the wise at your peril.

Previous Episode 28 - 6th June 2022

This episode of the podcast finds Rob Goodwin in conversation with fellow trance medium, spirit-inspired poet and author Ray Edwards. Ray has published several books of inspirational poetry and teachings received in trance from his spirit guides, The Philosopher, Jaria, Seeker and others and is well respected for the spiritual wisdom that flows throughout his work.

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Previous Episode 27 - 16th May 2022

Here is another take on the evil that is unfolding in the world as Rob Goodwin looks at the phenomenon of Wetiko - with extracts from online talks by Paul Levy and David Icke.

According to Native Americans, Wetiko is an evil spirit that invades human minds. It’s a “virus” of selfishness - a psychic pathogen forcing the victim to feed their insatiable needs as if they were starving. It makes humanity become its own worst enemy…

This interesting yet unsettling view comes from a piece of literature we think everyone should read. Paul Lévy is an admirer of Carl Jung’s legacy and a regular columnist for “The Guardian”. He published a book titled “Dispelling Wetiko” that deserves some reflection along with a follow-up published in 2021 "Wetiko". Levy says that we live in an era where most psychosocial phenomena proves the existence of a “virus” of selfishness.

When indigenous communities came into contact with the first European pilgrims, the Native Americans said they were infected by Wetiko. It was a tribe of the Cree in Canada who used this concept for the first time. However the Ojiwa, for example, already were using the well-known term “windigo”.

Whatever the case, the mental concept they had of the white or “civilized” man was that of an individual affected by the “virus” of selfishness. The virus led them to desire the force of nature and its resources as their own. In turn, Paul Levy explains that this idea is the very same one Carl Jung used to explain the concept of Shadow. Shadow is the archetype of the unconscious that we all share.