Latest News

June 2021 - The Rugby Trance evening was a great success and well attended (although socially distanced) and more public demonstrations are being negotiated. Robert & Amanda are also undertaking another online Trance Evening via Zoom on 8th July (see this website for booking details). Robert is also in the early planning stages of a new book (his eleventh) but no publication date has been set for the time being.

May 2021 - As things begin to open up in the UK (for how long we don't yet know) Robert is scheduled to do his first public demonstration for almost 18 months on June 5th at Rugby Spiritualist Church, Pennington Mews, Rugby. For more information please email them


March 2021 Special Spring Offer - Half price on paperback versions of four books (including postage) - The Golden Thread, The Enlightened Soul, Transcognitive Spirituality and Light:The Divine Intelligence, plus £60 off Developing Your Mediumship Course - available for a limited time.

February 2021 - Please check out the new 'Links' page and also the 'Infinity Movement' page on this website as both now contain important updates and valuable links detailing the important work being done by many professionals and wonderful organisations to combat the current global situation being brought about be the elites and their Agenda 21.


January 2021 - May I welcome you all to the 'new' year, which looks as if it's going to be a continuation of the 'old' year unless enough of us wake up and decide to change things. I, for my part, will continue to do my utmost via this website, various social media links and most importantly my behaviour (which won't include doing as I'm told by ignorant minds I'm afraid). So, if like me, you are a rebel with a cause, I hope you will join in with whatever is on offer here - Online Zoom Courses, White Feather 'live' online events, books, the Blog, the Podcast and anything else I can think of to stay connected with you. 


December 2020 - With the ongoing global 'crisis' and subsequent knock-on effect to live appearances, it is our aim to continue offering online demonstrations, development courses and readings via Zoom and Skype. We are living through extremely challenging times and would remind you all to stay close to your loved ones both here and in the afterlife. Certain individuals and groups in the spirit world are well aware of the situation affecting everyone and are working closely with earthly instruments to combat the negativity that has invaded our lives. May I wish you all the strength to deal with every eventuality in the knowledge that 'all is known' and the power of light is always greater than darkness.

November 2020 - I have recently created a Robert Goodwin & White Feather Trance Medium group on Facebook for those who may be interested in following the philosophy of the guide. Please click on this link if you wish to be considered for the group.

October 2020 The online Evening with White Feather via Zoom, proved to be a very popular and successful event and more are planned for the future. 


September 2020 Uptake on the various online courses that we now offer has been steady, with several individuals working to enhance their general mediumship as well as their Trance abilities. At the time of this update there are still spaces available for those of you wishing to work with Robert to improve your abilities over the coming months. 


July 2020 The new book 'A Life in Trance' is now available for digital download from and Amazon com


June 2020 The fact that you're here is proof enough that you've found the new website! During the current 'lockdown' I have been working hard on the forthcoming book, doing private online readings as well as undertaking my latest initiative - Trance Development Courses which have really taken off. As I specialise in this form of mediumship it is a pleasure to me that I can finally help others to develop their own abilities in this area and the recent interest in online apps such as Zoom allows greater freedom to communicate in real time anywhere in the world with internet access. I hope to further develop these courses over time. Another development is that all of the White Feather books plus two of my own are now exclusively available from Amazon for digital download. The only paperbacks now available will be sold at our public trance demonstrations.