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Time is running out......

Let's get this clear from the off - I am NOT a political animal. Politics doesn't interest me in the slightest and I long since recognised that we do not live in a 'democracy'. A vote for either 'party' in pretty much any civilised country, is a vote for the same agenda under a different banner. As UK member of parliament Andrew Bridgen says 'when one party is voted out of office, they simply hand the batten over to the next one, to carry on the same agenda'.

So why am I sharing another video clip from the afforementioned Mr Bridgen? Well, simply put, he hits the nail on the head and is brave enough to speak out, despite overwhelming opposition and ridicule from those enforcing the distopian agenda. This isn't an overly long video, so despite your probable short attention span due to conditioning through social media, please take the time to watch it and remember to put your non-political head on when doing so because what Andrew is describing goes way, way beyond politics and without any doubt whatsoever, will impact you, your children and your grandchildren in the most dire ways, unless stopped.

Non-compliance is one thing, but I suspect it will take much more than this, especially when the cashless society is imposed, sometime within the next five years or sooner. The corporations and individuals who are driving Agenda 30 and the Orwellian society that is their brainchild, have to be removed from power through some means or other. As for each of us who mistakenly believe that we have no power ourselves - we need to wake up, smarten up, raise our consciousness, work from our higher spiritual being and come together as one, to bring into being the world that we all want and deserve as sovereign beings.

For now, if you are in any doubt as to what is being implemented by the day, ponder these points:

  • Why are all the main global power organisations and policy makers located in Switzerland?

  • Why are all the global banks closing branches and forcing the move towards programmable 'digital' currency at the expense of cash?

  • Why are unelected power brokers allowed to determine global policy and why do nation states reliqnuish their own sovereignty to them without being allowed to see the final versions of the treaties they are forced to sign?

  • Why are bodies such as WHO, WEF, EU and many vaccine manufacturers granted immunity from prosecution?

  • Why are we entering a state of preparedness for war when no sane person on earth wants conflict?

  • Why are individuals such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk and others allowed freedom to push their agendas (Gates for example, now owns huge swathes of the world's farmland and plans to push humanity into consuming artificial food and insects and is also funding many global corporations to push the agenda)

  • Why is Elon Musk is allowed to surround the globe with low-level satellites that will connect humanity to AI via 6G and beyond, effectively creating a hive consciousness.


........I could continue......but why don't you do your own research. Oh, and don't worry about being called a conspiracy theory. It comes with the territory.

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