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She makes a great point that is more far reaching than most people realise.....

At the time of writing this short piece, the UK is preparing to vote for a new Prime Minister and 'governing party'. In France, President Macron has called a snap general election, whilst in Belgium the Prime Minister has resigned following a crushing election defeat and in the US the choice in the November presidential election is likely to be between the incumbant Joe Biden - a man who clearly has cognitive impairment issues, and Donald Trump, the former President currently facing crimial proceedings. There are very likely other elections current or looming in various parts of the world - and in each case, the suggestion is that 'we the people' get to choose who we want to 'rule over us'. The 'choice' is not really a choice - it is the illusion of democracy created by those who will never willingly concede what they believe is their right to rule over the masses. Thus, the system itself is flawed.

Yet all of this points toward a greater problem - the belief that many hold concerning 'authority'. The very word is a misnomer, because it is suggestive of certain individuals, corporations, governments, religions, royalty, deities and such like, having the divine right to rule. Whilst I accept that society requires 'the rule of law' in order to function and that the breaking of some laws has to, in certain instances, lead to recriminations, the awful truth is that the term 'authority' has been grossly abused to the point where it is now taken as a given - that a title, a rank, a uniform or a vote automatically bestows power.

It doesn't.

The only true authority is God - whatever you consider God to be.

Whilst Rachel Elnaugh (below) doesn't go as far as saying that, she most definitely points towards the problem of authority and the almost glib fashion in which some commentators refer to it. Her final point concerning political choices is also an extremely important one. If ever the 'two party system' or indeed the entire political systems so prevelant in this world are to be challenged, then a major rethink, coupled with a recognition of the true nature of our being, is required.

I repeat; the message here is beyond politics. It is about remembering our true power.

I'll leave it with you.

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