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I'll just leave this here with you......

I am a spiritual entity, as are you. I am not interested in differences of colour, creed, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, belief, age, gender or anything else that seeks to create division between the oneness that we are.

Division is the main weapon of those seeking to destroy humanity and this world. Division creates fear, disharmony, powerlessness and ultimately, destruction. In this video, featuring UK MP Andrew Bridgen, these principles are revealed, along with some of the exponents promoting them. As Bridgen says, Direct Democracy - not the illusion of democracy lead by the 'two party state', may be a better way forward.

Putting politics aside, from a purely spiritual perspective, it makes sense to change the current systems employed in the West, that allow no real choices, only the illusion of such. There will be some who accuse Andrew Bridgen of being part of the establishment - I can't answer that question, but I do believe that we cannot continue on this current trajectory of destruction and that something needs to change - quickly. Net Zero, fake Climate Change, the governance over sovereign states by unelected bodies such as The World Health Organisation and The World Economic Forum, fake pandemics and the enormous damage wreaked on people who have taken the Covid Vaccine, the destruction of farming, weather manipulation, the move towards Digital Currency - all point towards one thing - a dystopian future where the few rule over the many.

Don't take my word for it - take a look at the video and decide for yourself. In the meantime, raise your own frequency and vibrational energy through service to your fellow man and to the truth. A paradigm shift or if you prefer, 'awakening' has begun and we must each play our part. If not now, then when?

I'll just leave this with you.....x

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