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Welcome to the White Feather website 

& The Infinity Movement

Here you can browse for information on the work of UK Trance Medium Robert Goodwin, purchase a private sitting and book courses designed to help you develop your own abilities as a trance medium. Robert has over 45 years experience of demonstrating publicly and privately and is highly respected throughout the UK and beyond for his work with White Feather.

Robert is the force behind the a powerful new global initiative 'The Infinity Movement', a free to access resource designed to link people worldwide with the intention of changing for the better, the 'reality' that we experience. Click on the link to discover how you can play your part in this great work.

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Rob's thoughts, updates and news

Robert Goodwin

Trance medium, author, philosopher

Robert has been a trance medium for over 45 years but is now also considered by many to be a spiritual ambassador in his own right. His teachings encompass non-duality and spiritual enlightenment and he possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the afterlife and its association with humanity.

Author of ten books, his latest 'A Life in Trance' is now available worldwide from Amazon.

"Your thoughts and more importantly, the intention behind them, can literally change the reality that you experience"

White Feather

A Life in Trance - the new book by Robert Goodwin

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Robert Goodwin


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