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The UK is Unlawfully in the WHO

by The Peoples Lawyers

We are constantly hearing about how the United Kingdom and the other alleged Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) will soon be subject to medical and political tyranny under the International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR) amendments and the so called ‘Pandemic Treaty’.

However, there is really good news as our new research has shown that the UK is unlawfully in the WHO and we have the evidence to prove it. It is likely that all the other countries are also unlawfully in the WHO especially as the alleged circumstances of the establishment of the WHO is exposed as being a fraud.

It was claimed that China and Brazil wanted the WHO and put forward a joint ‘resolution’ and ‘declaration’ for it at the 1945 San Francisco UN Charter conference when really this came from US government/ Rockefeller Foundation ‘plant’ Dr Szeming Sze a Chinese/ American who then went on to help force the WHO into place by manipulation and scheming and was well rewarded for his efforts. This is in addition to many other unlawful actions that were carried out to the detriment of the UK and the other alleged member states as detailed below.

Legal action

We are now launching a new legal action for an Injunction to reject the current IHR 2005 and proposed amendments, any future ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and any and all dictates from the WHO now and in the future being imposed upon us. We will also be seeking to prevent any further funds (the UK is currently one of the largest contributors to the WHO) now or in the future being sent by the UK government to the WHO or any other related organisation such as GAVI or CEPI. Also we will be seeking to leave the WHO on the basis that we are unlawfully in it and have been since the start in 1946.

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