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Take responsibility

I recently had this information from White Feather and thought I'd share it with you....

"There is a reason why you resonate with certain levels of information; it is because, vibrationally you are on a similar wavelength or frequency. Yet of what use is knowledge unless it helps to shape and determine your future thoughts and behaviour? Knowledge brings responsibility to act in accordance with the understanding derived from it. If for example, you know that you are being lied to, yet continue to ignore the obvious falsity and continue on as you were, regardless of the implications, how is that being true to yourself? Is it not a betrayal of your very being? Living truthfully and authentically requires both strength of character and trust, based upon the understanding of the highest spiritual principles. Now is the time to walk your talk, aligned with your essential nature and act accordingly, without fear, in the certain knowledge that the light of truth must prevail. "

It is, I believe, not by chance that this should be imparted to me at this time. There is, you may agree, a great deal of manipulation in the world today, much of it directed towards the curtailing of human freedom to suit the agenda of a small number of mega-wealthy individuals (I won't use the term 'elite' because there is nothing elite about them) and those who are their masters. If we join the dots between their fake pandemic and it's subsequent fake vaccine (that has resulted in large numbers of deaths worldwide), their fake climate change (involving 15-minute cities, lockdowns, chemtrails designed to block out the sun and the ridiculous 'net-zero pledge amongst other things) plus the rising costs of living, the move to digital currency, their laughable 'woke' agenda, plus global governance by unelected bureaucrats.....I could may begin to see a pattern emerging. Yet still, 'they' continue to press ahead despite increasing opposition from those of us who are aware of their ultimate gameplan.

Surely then, this is the time for us to come together, see the lies (and there are many lies to see on a daily basis) and refuse to cooperate with our own enslavement. If not now, then when? We simply HAVE to take responsibility for our own, our childrens and our grandchildrens future and STOP the evil in our midst. I said to a gentleman three or four years ago, that the same Nazis mentality that was at work during the last world war, still exists and is at work today. He chided me for expressing this view - but I was right. I am right. We must not let this world be destroyed and allow evil to triumph.

I hope you have the courage to act on your gut feelings. They are invariably right.

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