In 2013 Robert published a ground breaking book 'Transcognitive Spirituality' that detailed the coming together of science and spirituality in a unique way. The work detailed the emergence of a new paradigm giving rise to the current convergence of scientific and esoteric thinking that is transforming human understanding about the nature of life itself.

For centuries, philosophers and spiritual thinkers alike have speculated upon the purpose of our being, the afterlife and the existence of God. In contrast, science has followed the route of discovery through the empirical method of experimentation leading to many wonderful discoveries and inventions. Now, for the first time, these two approaches, so often seen as being in opposition are converging into a unfied whole, resulting in a new way of thinking and the development of scientific spirituality.

This eight-part course covers the basis of the book and also shares further insights based on Robert's understanding of Non-Duality and its implications.

Course Outline

Session One - The reality inside your head - how the brain 'downloads' and 'decodes' waveform information allowing us to experience 'reality' in our mind through our own unique 'filter' based upon our level of consciousness.

Session Two - The language of Transformation - the power of language and how words speak to our DNA.

Session Three - Quantum Leaps - expanding our awareness of quantum physics, levels of reality, resonant fields and much more.

Session Four - Lives within Lives - the Implicit Order within all of life, the evolution of consciousness through 'form' and the movement to higher levels of understanding, energy curves, the concept of soul groups.

Session Five - About Time - the nature of time and how is it linked to consciousness and perception, accessing linear and non-linear time, the 'arrow' of time, Open & Closed systems.

Session Six - Constructing a Universe - going beyond and before the 'Big Bang', the 'shape' of the universe, Sacred Geometry within nature and the cosmos, the Zero Point Field/Unified Field, the Holographic universe, virtual particles, the work of Itzhak Bentov.

Session Seven - The Heart of Life - the power and intelligence of the human heart and the field that it generates, coherent breathing and meditation, accessing higher states.

Session Eight - Emerging Horizons - Savants; the precursors of evolutionary change, sensitivity, changing society, challenging the old ways, the nature of awareness and Self, the 'placeless place'.

How to register your interest  - this online course can accommodate small groups (up to eight people) but will also work One 2 One (single person). To register your interest please email us at and mention the course title 'Exploring Transcognitive Spirituality'. We will then acknowledge this and discuss dates and timings to suit your needs. The sessions will take place via Zoom, with accompanying Powerpoint visuals, so please ensure you have an internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer. We do not recommend iPads or smaller hand-held devices for this course. Courses are running continually throughout the year.

Course cost: £295 

Booking: Please DO NOT make payment until dates and times have been agreed. Click HERE to make payment.

Note: Upon the completion of the course you will also qualify for a discounted and personally signed paperback copy of the book 'Transcognitive Spirituality' at £5 (instead of £12) inclusive of P&P.

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