A few simple tips for running a circle

As someone who developed their trance mediumship way back in the early 1970’s I suppose I could now be classed as an ‘old school’ medium or even an ‘elder statesman’, but these terms would perhaps do me a disservice, because I still consider my work with White Feather to be ‘cutting edge’ in so many ways.


There is no such animal as a ‘developed medium’ although some would have you believe so, especially when you hear them refer to developing mediums as ‘fledglings’ or ‘students’ – both terms that do not endear me in any way.


In truth, are all, forever developing our abilities and there are no teachers or students. We all learn from each other, just as we all teach each other. Anything other than this, is pure egotism in my opinion.


This said, here is a little advice on how to develop your ‘gift’ as a conduit for spirit guides and helpers to work through you and most importantly, impart the information needed.


Ideally, a development circle with a minimum of four sitters should be sought, with the alternative of an ‘online’ group as a fallback position if this is not possible. I have nothing against online groups, they do serve a purpose, but nothing quite beats a live situation with everyone in the same localised energy. With either option though, regular sitting at the same time and ideally in the same location (even down to the same seat) at least once weekly is the minimum requirement.


The ‘circle’ should have a designated ‘leader’ – preferably someone who is experienced and has the ability to connect with spirit. If a recognised medium is available, this is a good option, but if there is a medium who has previous trance experience as well as having developed other mediumistic abilities, that is even better.


Following the opening ‘invocation’, which sitters should be invited to undertake in turn ( a different sitter each week) the hour’s meditation should commence during which each sitter should adopt an attitude of desiring to link with their guides to develop whatever potential they may have. This approach is healthy because it places some responsibility upon each sitter to view the hour as a time of ‘dedicated development’, rather than just switching off and expecting the spirit helpers to do all the work.


It is often the case that a sitter will develop both clairvoyant ability and potential trance concurrently because once the psychic faculties are ‘activated’ the energies flow into all areas of their being. This can be compared to flicking a switch and watching the light flood into every room. Naturally, some people will gravitate towards certain mediumistic abilities over others – perhaps clairaudience over trance, or trance over clairsentience and so on, but in my experience aspects of each ability tend open up to some degree once the process has been initiated.


So, during the hour each sitter should be encouraged to split their time into areas of their mediumship to which they are most drawn or feel most comfortable with. If trance is high on their list and they feel strongly drawn to it, then they should allocate enough time to facilitate its unfoldment. In my own case, the guide would usually begin linking with me immediately the circle began and would then speak through me about twenty minutes in. When the guide had finished his work, he would withdraw, allowing a different helper to step in and help me with clairvoyance during the second half of the evening.


Any clairvoyant messages should always be given off after the hours’ meditation has been completed, with the circle leader going around to each sitter to enquire what they have to impart, if anything, and also what their experiences were during the meditation. This also allows for the leader to impart his own clairvoyance to each sitter along with any guidance that may be necessary appertaining to their ongoing development.


When each sitter has had time to speak, the circle should complete with a closing ‘prayer’ and message of thanks to the spirit helpers for their valuable work. Any personal matters, particularly relating to earthly concerns should be withheld by all attendees until the circle has fully completed and preferably only discussed outside of the circle room so as not to negatively affect the vibrations being built up in the room.


Spiritual and mediumistic development occurs in a linear fashion, even though some aspects may be non-linear in terms of perceiving information, which means that progress is accumulative and occurs over time as a result of many weeks of dedicated sitting. There are no short cuts and there will be occasions where nothing significant occurs. When this is the case, it is important to remain positive about one’s mediumship and neither ‘give up’ nor become depressed that ‘nothing is happening’. Mediumship thrives on positivity and the intent to reach the goal of being able to confidently demonstrate the gifts of the spirit. At all times, it is important to ‘keep on keeping on’ in the sure knowledge that the attainment of one’s aims will be reached. Development is never a race and it is better to unfold from a sound foundation, knowing that this will be good preparation for what may follow in the years ahead.


Further information regarding trance can be found in my eBook ‘A Life in Trance’ as well as more general guidance on mediumship in most books by reputable mediums such as those by Gordon Higginson, Stewart Alexander, Gordon Smith and others.

Please feel free to contact me for further advice: robgoodwin2020@gmail.com

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