The Infinity Movement
Changing 'Reality' for the better - Stop the War in Europe

The continuing War in Ukraine and possible ongoing consequences

Wars are seldom created by the ordinary person in the street - they are long planned (sometimes, decades in advance) and funded by a single 'force' that controls both sides. Both WWI and WWII are prime examples (although the public seldom get to know about this because the control mechanism needs them to to be compliant and follow the patriotic narrative).

Take the current scenario - Russia spent months buidling up a large contingent of troops on the border of Ukraine and despite 'warnings' from the West, denied any intent to invade. The build-up was thus 'allowed' to happen, as was the invasion when it came. Subsequently, war has broken out as Russian troops make incursions into the country and atrocities of all kinds are reported by western news media and President Putin is denounced as a madman and evil tryant who must be stopped. The West of course, are the 'innocent' party in these proceedings and are portrayed as the defenders of 'democracy' and all that is good in the world.

As of early March 2022. Russia continue to destroy the Ukranian infrastructure, despite 'sanctions' from many western nations that are designed to cut off the supply of funding to the Russian economy and thus starve the war machine of it's energy. No mention is ever made in the media of the real funding from the Deep State (or Cult, as I prefer) and supportive nations (possible China and others).

Now, in August 2022 with the war still raging, we hear reports that China is deeply upset by the visit of US House Speaker Nancy to Taiwan (which it considers to be part of China) Pelosi and is engaging in a show of military force as a signal to the US to keep away. It has long been feared that China will seek to invade Taiwan in much the same way that Russia has invaded Ukraine and it has long been forecast by 'conspiracy theorists' (those who know the plan to impose a global totalitarian dictatorship) that these type of events will be used to trigger WWIII.

So where is all of this heading?

So, be aware that WWIII has long been planned as the conflict to end all conflicts between Russia/China and the West and the hidden hand is pushing hard for this to happen. Watch for the inference of an'attack' using 'biological wepons'• that will be the catalyst for the West to send in troops. If this type of attack should happen, it will I would strongly suggest, be a 'false flag' incident instigated by the West itself (possibly using Israel as the undercover agency - something which they are very good at) to instigate the 'attack'. Immediately Western News sources will denounce Putin and Russia for their evil and demand immediate military action be taken - job done. This is how the Deep State operates to get what it wants. Similar style tactics could be used to further demonise China, should they continue to saber-rattle with Taiwan. In the meantime, the 'perfect storm' of mega inflation, sky high energy costs, fake 'Climate Change' events, weather manipulation, the economic 'crisis', further pandemics and the move towards the withdrawel of cashto be replaced with a global digital currency is likely to lead to the end of society as we know it (all planned by the 'elite' and known well in advance by spirit (as I was warned over 40 years ago).

What can be done?

As with Covid (which seems to have vanished overnight, at least in the media) we need to utilise our power as a global group and focus on the Infinity Symbol to seek peace in the world and growing awareness of the manipulation of us all. Please do not underestimate the power of intent, harnessed through collective thought feeding into the energy field that we ourselves create.

We have tremendous power when we work, in love, together.

Watch this space for future updates as things develop. These are crucial times for us all.

• They have already tried this ploy (April 2022) but it didn't come off - they may do so again, stay vigilant.