You are All-Powerful

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So often the question is asked "I don't like the way the world is going, things aren't right - but how can I change it, I feel powerless?"

The short answer is that you are NOT powerless, none of us are.

Together we are All-Powerful - but what is 'power'? Power is, I would suggest, not 'force', but 'knowing'. If we 'know' the true nature of our being and the way in which we create the 'reality' that we perceive - that is true power.

The apparent 'external world' that seems to be largely independent and beyond our control, is in fact not separate or detached from us. Rather it exists WITHIN our consciousness. Although we all appear to be unique, separate individuals, we are in fact ONENESS - awareness, in awareness of itself. Here's how it works:

Our mind, through its perception, coupled with our beliefs, experience and subject to our level of spiritual awareness, decodes information from the waveform levels of being and manifests this as a holographic construct which appears as the world and the universe within linear time and space. Experience changes beliefs which in turn changes our perception and this results in a modified 'reality' that is a direct result of the frequency at which we exist. Those of us who are closely aligned with 3D body/mind will express a very limited consciousness and reality - one that can be more easily manipulated by those who know the true nature of reality and seek to have control of this world and all of humanity.

However, a more expanded consciousness, with a frequency connected to 5D will have access to higher realms and greater levels of 'self' and thus, will manifest a different holographic 3D 'reality'.

This may sound complex, but it really isn't. In short, if we lack any real awareness of our true nature and lack spiritual development and are aligned with body/mind, we are effectively trapped within the lower levels (earth, and lower astral realms after 'death') and more likely to 'reincarnate' in endless cycles until we can 'escape' the clutches of karma and remain in the 'spirit realms'.

If we can see what is unfolding on earth and where it's meant to take us, we can still do something to change this - by reclaiming our own power - knowing the true 'I' and allowing our perception to become expanded from the higher dimensions. Thus, we will automatically resonate and 'connect' with information fields that are way beyond anything we have yet experienced.

We are after all, infinite awareness - all that ever was, is and could ever be.

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