What lies ahead

One has to be careful when imparting messages concerning 'the future', particularly if they are likely to cause suffering to those to whom they are addressed. This is one of the greater responsibilities that each medium carries and in my own case, one that I take very seriously. Balanced against this lies the case for issuing warnings or specific guidance, which if imparted responsibly and considerately, can prevent suffering by helping individuals or groups avoid certain situations that may have dire consequences.

So, I wrestle with my conscience daily, because I 'see' ahead what is planned by the predator intelligence that wishes to control and dominate humanity and it doesn't make pleasant reading.

As I began typing this piece, I found myself going into greater detail about events, timings and probable outcomes as I became aware of them. Then, having written at some length, I decided to delete my words on the basis that they would not change anything in a positive way and might even assist in bringing about the very dark scenario that my heart wants so much to avoid - such is the power of the mind to create it's own version of reality.

Better then, that we remain honest, but positive with ourselves. We are up against a cunning, remorseless, psychopathic predator, who will stop at nothing to bring about a global totalitarian world and who is well advanced in reaching this goal.

But we are not done yet. We remain, all powerful and all-knowing, because we are AWARENESS itself. This cannot be modified or harmed in any way. What we need to do is to remember this and to KNOW it with every part of our being. I cannot emphasise this enough.There is no need to be afraid of anyone or anything, because we are infinite life itself and what we believe, what we know, we manifest. If we are looking for weapons, then pure spiritual INTENT and LOVE should be our 'weapons' of choice. Once this is realised, there will be no stopping us.

There are dark days ahead, make no mistake. Many will pass over to the spirit world and there will be great suffering for some. The world is not going back to what it was, but when all has played out in linear time, those who operate from a deeper level of ignorance than you could ever imagine, will not be happy with any hollow victory they attain. Those who remember their true nature and align themselves with their eternal nature will however, experience the supreme joy and satisfaction of knowing that the darkness of ignorance has once again been overcome by the light of truth.

In the words of White Feather 'The plan of the Great Spirit' is perfect and must outwork itself. Nothing can prevent this.'

It really is that simple. We may not be able to stop the juggernaut that is right in front of us at this moment 'in time', but we will live to witness its demise - because we are eternal.

Keep your energies high and your focus true. All will be well.

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