This is the mentality currently presiding in the UK....

You may say 'what has this to do with spirituality? Why feature this video by Rachel Elnaugh on this website? I'll tell you why, because like many decent people, she cares about what is happening in the world and who is behind it. Take a look at her powerful video on current Uk Prime Minister Boris Johnson, also featuring an interview with his father and ask yourself the question 'What are their true motives and preferred outcomes in promoting 'the vaccine' and handling the current 'pandemic'? I know what my view is.

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I'd like to clarify something if I may..... My intent in creating the White Feather website which by the way, has been in existence now for over twenty years in one form or another, was to inform peop

The dilemma

No doubt many of you reading this will have either been asked to take 'the vaccine', know someone who has, or will soon be facing the dilemma of whether to accept it or not. I'm not medically qualifie

The day's last thought....

Some of you may have already seen this in the White Feather Facebook group, but for any who haven't, I thought you might enjoy reading this inspired piece that was given to me last week. To explain th