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This is one for the deeper thinkers.........

Pseudo-spiritual awareness and true awakening are two entirely different things, in my view. There are increasing numbers of people who claim to be 'woke' or to have awakened to their true nature - but have they? or is what they are experiencing, another aspect of their ego?

I was reading a book by Francis Lucille recently and he said [quote] "The one who 'experiences' enlightenment is not a limited entity. In fact, nobody experiences enlightenment, because it is a non-objective experience in the absence of a personal entity."

I understand totally what he is saying here because from the non-dual viewpoint, all is one and enlightenment is not a state of being to be acquired - we are already that. It is perhaps, more accurate to say that it is a realisation of that which IS. If at any point we believe that we are not yet enlightened, it is because our true nature is still veiled by the activity of the mind, just as the sun may be temporarily veiled by clouds.

When this is clearly seen and understood, not in an intellectual sense, but by way of knowing, the true sense of being is recognised.

Now, for those who follow a dualistic paradigm - the one that states, 'I' am an individual observing a material world of 'objects' - this concept is challenging. Indeed, many of my contemporaries within spiritualism may find it particularly so, especially as the movement adheres to the principle of 'eternal progress open to every human soul' and other similar tenets, suggestive of advancement being made by each person over many lifetimes, in a linear fashion. Yet, deeper reflection reveals that there need not exist any disparity between these two, apparently opposing opinions.

If we take the view that 'the linear' exists within the 'non-linear', rather like the droplet exists within the ocean or the the word exists within the language, awaiting the choice of the orator to convert it into a sentence or a speech, then we get a glimpse into the way in which our consciousness determines our perceptions. It is not a case of one being right and the other being wrong, just perception on a different 'level'.

Bearing all of this in mind, is it not also a fact that we each experience life differently? Some people can see 'into ' and 'through' situations, dialogues, people and events as if they were totally transparent. Lies can been seen immediately for their falsehood; people can be clearly recognised (not judged) as they truly are and not as they may paint themselves to be; situations can be easily and accurately known, regardless of media rhetoric or political spin. These are qualities or aspects, not of spiritual 'attainment' or 'eternal progress' but of the unveiling of the true nature of self as infinite consciousness; think about it.

All is known.

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