The 'new normal' is unnatural

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

No doubt you have seen or experienced the queues outside shops and stores created by the 'social distancing' rules that prevent high street retailers from allowing too many people onto their premises at any one time. Far be it from me to tell others how to behave, goodness knows there's enough of that going on already, but what worries me is the way that people so easily go along with it all. Without going into the statistics of Covid-19 deaths and the fact that for most of us, it is no worse than a bad case of the flu, the response, whilst initially seeming necessary, is now moving into a new phase as we are conditioned to accepting a new way of life.

I watched a video this morning with a guy describing all the measures that his UK shopping mall had put in place to track, via heat sensors, everyone who entered the complex. Added to this were lots of signs telling people what direction the must follow, even including places to cross the intersection from one side of walkway to the other - madness!

The point is this - we are all Infinite Consciousness and we will not, must not allow ourselves to be coerced into conforming to this kind of forced behaviour because believe me, it won't end there. More and more restrictions will be applied - including mandatory vaccinations (you will have to have a certificate of vaccination to go anywhere, do anything) unless we REFUSE to cooperate. Gandhi, who gave us many wonderfully wise words, famously said, “The first principal of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.” This is the first principle that we should apply.

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