The Infinity Movement

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Infinity Movement is gathering momentum by the day. Via social media and other platforms, people worldwide are becoming aware that when they connect or 'Log in' mentally to the Infinity Symbol and project their own POSITIVE INTENT and THOUGHTS for a better, kinder, more benevolent world, they are actually helping to MANIFEST that REALITY. We are not, 'poor little me' people, who have to conform and obey what others tell us to do without any say in what we experience. On the contrary, we are the CREATORS of our own destiny and REALITY. There is no 'outer, objective world' even though to our mind, it appears this way. The reverse is true - what we experience as reality arises within consciousness. It is therefore changeable and not predetermined or inevitable as some would have you believe. Share this information far and wide, we need as many people worldwide to take on board this understanding and change our future and that of our grandchildren for the better.