The first post......

....of 2021, when 'Agenda 21' has been planned to really kick-in unless humanity wakes up big-time.

But, let's loom further ahead still, because the New World Order has much more in store for us, which is why we HAVE to stop coercing with their agenda and start being who we truly are - Infinite Consciousness, all powerful, all knowing. Take a look at this future scenario, presented by Diana Lenska and decide for yourself.

Oh, and Happy New Year by the way - it's not all bad news. For those of you who like expanding your mind, I've put together an online course based my 2013 book Transcognitive Spirituality - the ground breaking work that discusses the coming together of science and spirituality. I do hope that some of you give it a go. I'm looking for small groups of 4-8 people ideally, to take part in the eight week course that will only run if the numbers are met. Find out more by clicking on the link below and then downloading the course prospectus. Hopefully we'll see each other soon.

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