The dilemma

No doubt many of you reading this will have either been asked to take 'the vaccine', know someone who has, or will soon be facing the dilemma of whether to accept it or not. I'm not medically qualified, I'm just a normal person with a mind that can think, research, weigh up and consider the implications for making an 'informed' decision. It's not for me to tell you what to do with your own body and your own life - that decision (provided you are of sound mind) must come from within yourself.

All that I will say is this: do your own independent research - and I don't mean listening solely to your GP, the medical mafia, the mainstream media or your government - they all have a vested interest in you saying 'yes'. What I mean by independent research is seeking out, looking and listening to those who are clued up as to what the substance they are planning to inject into your veins is really about and what it contains. Listen to medically qualified doctors and physicians, other than those wheeled out because they spout the mainstream narrative - there are countless numbers of them and I have included to useful links on this website - who have spoken out publicly, only to be silenced. Ask yourself three simple questions:

• Why would anyone wish to silence highly qualified professionals from sharing their research and findings about the vaccine(s) unless they had something to hide?

• Why is it deemed necessary to vaccinate 7.5+ billion people from a 'virus' that kills less than 1% of that number, unless what is contained in the solution contains substances designed to do something other than immunise?

• Why are we being told that mask wearing, social distancing and future lock-downs may continue indefinitely if the immunisation programme works?

White Feather spoke on the subject during the recent online trance evening and answered many questions put to him from concerned people, pulling no punches with his replies. I'll leave it with you to decide who to believe.

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