The day's last thought....

Some of you may have already seen this in the White Feather Facebook group, but for any who haven't, I thought you might enjoy reading this inspired piece that was given to me last week. To explain the background - after 'sitting' to connect to spirit in our usual way, I was given the name 'Alfred Lord Tennyson' of whom I knew nothing. I asked my wife if she knew who he was and she replied 'I think he was once poet laureate' and we left it at that. A matter of minutes later I felt overwhelmingly impressed to start writing as a flow of words came into my head. The following poem is the result of this and although I am not claiming that it is from Tennyson, it is nevertheless quite beautiful. I'll leave it with you to enjoy.

The day's last thought

Silence creeps over me like a mist rising above the quiet evening waters

The sun sinks slowly beyond the hill and the last clouds of the day scurry away leaving a canopy of stars looking down

A gentle breeze wistfully strokes my face and the birds sing their final tune as dusk gently invades the landscape, bidding the night to come forth in all its glory

I am weary

The words of the day have been many and my steps to numerous to count, but now I am still, save for my beating heart and the drawing of each breath

I lift my head and turn it slowly from side to side taking in the artistry before me

Thoughts subside, all save for one; what fortune should befall me that I should witness such majesty as this as if it were mine alone?

Only for a still small voice within to answer;

All that you see, is but yourself and always shall be.

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