Staying Calm

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We are living through extremely testing times, there is little doubt about this. Many of us are under extreme pressure due to a series of 'measures' being forced upon us, to which we are expected to conform. Is it any wonder then, that people feel isolated, fearful and powerless?

We may not be able to immediately change the world, or what we experience as the world, but we can change our own internal world - or rather, we can access it if we so choose. In truth, it does not need changing, nor can it ever be changed because it is by its very nature, changeless. It is also the source of peace, calmness and stillness.

It is our apparent 'separate self' or 'finite mind', that we think of as 'I' that needs to change, through the recognition that our true Self is changeless, peaceful, ever abiding awareness. Peace is our natural state; it is the finite mind that obscures it, just as clouds temporarily obscure the sky. Inquire as to the nature of 'I' and realise that it is impermanent. Only Self (Awareness) endures.

When Self is realised, calmness prevails.

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