Stand in your light....

The latest Rob Goodwin Podcast is now available and features White Feather speaking to a small group of people from across the world in an online setting. What is significant is that he responds more directly than ever to questions about the ongoing global situation and those who are driving what is clearly a dystopian agenda.

To those who suggest that 'spirit guides' and their mediums should steer clear of speaking about things of a material nature and stick instead to delivering spiritual wisdom, I would strongly advise listening to what the spurit sage has to say and the inference behind his words. Guides such as White Feather care deeply about the human race and the future of our world and recognise that it only takes the silence of those who can see what is really happening, for evil to triumph. True spiritual messengers will never remain silent because they know that to do so would be a betrayal of their allegiance to the highest principles of truth.

It is interesting to me just how many of those within spiritual movements with whom I have been associated over the years do just this though - remain silent, sit on the fence and simply turn a blind eye to what is obviously wrong in the world. "It is nothing to do with me, I'm on a spiritual pathway and I simply observe what is happeing in the world", seems to be their favoured mantra. Well sorry, but that only works to a point. If evil - and that is what it is - is not opposed, it will change the face of this world for everyone and once embedded in the fabric of society through enforceable 'laws', will be extremely difficult to eradicate.

Make no mistake, we are living in Biblical 'end times' in terms of human freedom - I cannot emphasise this strongly enough. If this predator in our midst is not seen, exposed and driven from human consciousness, then it is on our heads.

It is one thing acting from ignorance - that is partially excusable, but to have knowledge and choose to do nothing, is unforgivable.

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