Some good news....

The pandemic treaty that the WHO and WEF are desperately trying to bring into law has been blocked and voted down by sufficient member nations to halt it, at least temporarily. They will try again however, in 2024 so we cannot afford to let our guard down because some are really pushing for it.

In the UK, the Conservative government under a PM who is at the present moment clinging to power after having been exposed for having nothing but contempt for the population by ignoring the very rules that he himself helped to impose during lockdown, is very much in favour of the treaty, which says an awful lot about this man and his team.

It appears that the nations who voted in favour of the treaty have leaders who 'graduated' from the WEF 'global leaders programme' promoted by Klaus Schwab and others. Boris Johnson is one of these, as is Angela Merkel, French President Macton, Canadian President Trudeau, New Zealand's Ardern, Australia's Morrison and all of the Western leaders who have been brutal with their policies during 'the pandemic', including banning free speech.

By contrast, countries who voted down the treaty included Brazil, Africa, Malaysia, Russia and others whose leaders ARE NOT graduates of the WEF. Indeed, Klaus Schwab has boasted that his 'graduate leaders' have 'infiltrated governmenst around the world' and he is right. Funny how these psychpaths always have to boast about their crimes as well as telling us what they plan next.

What many people don't realise is that the WEF isn't a governmental body, it's a corporation. It's also a cover for World Government. In 2019 they signed a deal with the United Nations to create a new global governance system which would give it powers to make decisions at governmental levels secondary to stakeholders, in which corporations would play the defining role. In effect this would give it powers to make decisions that will overule governmental decisions. Big Pharma and other organisations will play an active role in calling the shots in the event of another pandemic (which is being planned). This is why this treaty is so dangerous and has to be stopped. Please check out the 6 minute video in the contained link and decide for yourself.

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