Several new White Feather audio/video clips

Spiritual author and researcher James McQuitty has selflessly edited our recent online session 'Stand in your Light' (currently featured in The Rob Goodwin Podcast during which White Feather spoke at length and then answered some very direct questions about the unfolding global situation. He pulled no punches and his words are sure to resonate with everyone who is concerned or fearful of what is being planned for humanity by a relatively small 'elite' group of mega-rich individuals and their corporate organisations and secret societies.

Due to the draconian policing of free speech by You Tube and Facebook, these videos were immediately taken down because they 'Violated our community standards' which is Orwellian speak for 'We won't allow the truth to be shared'. We aren't even able to share these videos here on this website because WIX do not support Bitchute. Fortunately, the ever resourceful James, has reformatted and uploaded the videos to his Bitchute page and they can be viewed by anyone without the fear of them being removed. Please support both James McQuitty, myself, White Feather and everyone fighting this ongoing battle against 'The Great Reset' and Agenda 30 (same thing).

People are waking up - please be one of them. Thank you for your help.

James McQuitty - author of many wonderful spiritual books and a true 'awakened' soul.

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