Raising awareness begins with yourself

We're all trying to to our bit aren't we? In our own unique ways, we're trying to improve ourselves, learn new things, improve the connection to our higher self, spread information that might help others become more aware of what is happening in the world and simply, survive down here amidst all of the madness that is around us.

But, let us never forget the PEACE that lies within us, that never changes, is not subject to fluctuations and can never be harmed or modified in any way. This state of being is always freely available to us because it IS what we ARE. It is the screen that allows the movie called 'life' to play.

We cannot enter a closed mind and therefore, cannot change the belief system of another. We may feel that we want to try, because we care about them and what may happen 'in the future', but we can only offer information and perhaps a little wisdom, as we perceive it. The rest is up to them; they will either reject it because they are not open to its acceptance or they will embrace it, because it feels right, in which case they may act accordingly.

The message that we continually receive from the afterlife, is, 'raise your vibrations' and remain within your centre of light. This is not simple 'new age speak' - it is common sense, reliable and important information from a higher source. If we 'give away' our energy unduly (not including caring and looking out for others - but giving it to those who will abuse it) then we are stepping out of our centre and our light and although it cannot be extinguished, it is diminished somewhat.

So, do what has to be done, retain the power within and never forget who it really is, when you refer to 'I' or mySelf.

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