Another excerpt from my earlier post (July 2020):

December - March - news that 'a vaccine' is now ready, voluntary at first, soon followed by the mandatory directive because not enough people are taking it (the wise ones). To back this up, there will be a curtailing of travel and other essential activities, for those who refuse the take the DNA changing poison that will be sold as the 'cure' to 'save lives'. All, a lie of course.

So as you may have noticed, the unprecedented vaccine promotion has begun and the next few months will see you bombarded from every angle, night and day - pressurising you to have the double dose vaccine to 'save lives' and 'return to normal'.

You must of course make your own decision as to whether you take it or not, but please do your research first as this is the single most important decision you will ever make. I suggest you avoid the mainstream media publicity as this is biased towards to government narrative. You may want to research the following to begin with:

Bill Gates (TED talk)


Legal Indeminity

Vaccine will sterilise the population

Are you prepared to 'take a chance' or give the government 'the benefit of the doubt' because 'they have our best interests at heart and would never harm us'?

As I say - your body, your choice. But think of your children, your grandchildren and your elderly relatives?

I'll leave it with you.

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