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Let's DO THIS! Watch this website to understand how YOU can follow a simple yet powerful method to help change what we are currently experiencing as an extremely negative global reality forced upon us by a fascist, Orwellian agenda. Discover how you can Disconnect from the Mainstream Media, then Invert the long established Orwellian Inversions and link to an emerging Powerful, Positive Global Consciousness.

More to follow soon as we reclaim our divine right and step back into our power.

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Now is the time

I often read through some of the information that has been given to me by White Feather over the years and it always seems to be relevant to what is happening in life. I know for a fact that our frien

The transparency of things...

This is one for the deeper thinkers......... Pseudo-spiritual awareness and true awakening are two entirely different things, in my view. There are increasing numbers of people who claim to be 'woke'

An evening with White Feather - Update

Update: there has been a great response so far to our forthcoming Zoom event on 21st October and it is shaping up to be a wonderful evening. Just to clarify for those still considering joining us - p

A Life in Trance - the new book by Robert Goodwin

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