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Paul Ascough - UFOs - The Real Story

The latest Rob Goodwin Podcast will be live from July 1st and features my conversation with UFO researcher Paul Ascough.

UFOs -The Real Story Revised Edition 2023 is the revised edition of the first book by Paul Ascough offering a refreshing new slant on the subject of UFOs. He looks at the bigger UFO picture with all of its complexities, sharing personal experiences with expanded explanations of why we see and experience what we do.

Employed in the medical field all of his career, before retirement he was a qualified nurse, occupational health nurse and qualified paramedic, spending 13 years with both the regular and territorial British Army around the world, gaining perspectives on people and places that would stand him in good stead for the ideas and experiences that contributed to his understanding of both UFO phenomena, spirituality and the paranormal. I really hope you can take a listen.

The truth is out there!

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