Opening up to what exactly?

Here in the UK and perhaps wherever you are, the government is preparing to 'open up' society to allow a return to normality (whatever that might be) or closer to it. We are supposed to be grateful for this benevolence and thankful that 'our freedoms' are to be partially returned to us, having earlier been taken away 'to protect us and save the NHS'. This rhetoric may sound familiar in your neck of the woods, with a few tweaks here and there, no doubt.

Seeing through all of this is not difficult though for anyone who is even mildly awake to the true agenda. The authorities mantras of 'following the science' and 'looking at the data' (the 'science and data' provided here in the UK by SAGE, the independent body that advises the UK government) is the excuse they give for imposing the draconian legislation under 'emergency Covid law' and they need to maintain this 'state of emergency' for the emergency to lawfully to remain in place.

So, the masses, most of whom continue to blindly follow their mask wearing, hand sanitising, social distancing lives, along with having the 'vaccination' (I use the term advisedly) carry on in expectation that very soon things will indeed return to normal. It won't.

Not only is normality not going to make a return any time soon, it was never going to. The whole Covid scam is only a part of the agenda to both reduce the global population whilst imposing a communist like society, imposed by Orwellian type controls that will lead us into a nightmare future if we allow it. With the rapid introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and plans to merge this with human 'biology' to create a hybrid 'Borg-like' race, linked to a vast central computer and 'smart grid' via 5G that will deliver a version of 'reality' directly to the human brain, unlike anything we could possibly imagine, the future will be challenging.

We can expect either a 'third wave' of the 'virus' or a 'variant' of it, to begin to take hold very soon - my guess is late August or September here in the western world, followed by more lockdowns and a further ramping up of the 'vaccine' campaign. with another 'booster' jab thrown in for good measure. After this, and within a couple of years, expect the emergence of all kinds of auto-immune diseases and deaths to commence.

Sorry if all of this sounds depressing - it is. BUT, as I've been saying forever, we are Infinite Consciousness, all-knowing and all-powerful, if only we can remember it. We can stop this long-planned agenda NOW if we choose to.

If you take the time to listen to the next Rob Goodwin Podcast, released early August and featuring the recent live online trance evening with White Feather you may learn two important things:

1) How to disconnect from 'the agenda' and reclaim your power.

2) Why some people have severely reduced 'vision' and how this too can be turned around from focusing upon the five-sense reality and it's restrictive version of reality, to a greatly expansive vision that reveals the true nature of our being and the awesome potential we have, individually and collectively. When these changes occur, and they already are within some, the revolution will have truly begun.

I suggest you give it a listen.

For now, stay strong, remain focused on the light and keep positive. We can do this.

Rob x

PS: If you would like the opportunity to connect with White Feather directly, take a look at a new page we've just launched on this website - Small Group Sessions with White Feather

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