Now is the time

I often read through some of the information that has been given to me by White Feather over the years and it always seems to be relevant to what is happening in life. I know for a fact that our friends in the 'afterlife' have insight into what occurs here on 'earth' well before we do and they often try and nudge us in the right direction without ever interfering directly in our affairs. Here is a typical example from November 2016....

"Were humanity to fully awaken to realise its individual and collective power, your world would be transformed. As things stand, the few dictate to the many who, in their semi-sleep state, follow like sheep and seldom think to question for themselves. Quite clearly this needs to be addressed and each thinking, reasoning person should play their part in helping to quicken the collective awareness of the race.

It is abhorrent to witness the beauty of creation being destroyed by greed and ignorance and it is time for the warriors of truth to make their voices heard.

I sometimes think that I am a lone voice in the wilderness whose words are drowned out by the cacophony of corporate rhetoric that spews forth from the human ego. Yet I know for certain that I must continue operating as I do to enlighten the gentle, discerning souls whose ears arrest my discourse. If we can awaken one, amongst the millions, then our efforts are vindicated. If however, we are able, with the help of those who are brave enough to go against the flow and stand up for the truth, to touch many whose minds are ripe for knowledge, then a great victory for light over darkness and truth over ignorance is achievable.

Play your part. Do not shirk the responsibility that your spiritual understanding has given you. Do not wait for your brother to speak out on your behalf. Speak your truth now. Shout it from the rooftop if you have to but do so in the certain knowledge that you are a force for goodness and light in a world that grows darker by the minute."

White Feather

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