You may not know this, but the mandatory wearing of face masks, allegedly to 'protect' from Coronavirus, has been introduced in over 130 countries worldwide, around the same time. This smacks to me of a global 'plan' that has not only been planned in advance but is being coordinated by governments and health officials. One may ask - why now? when in the UK for example, the 'virus' passed its peak many weeks ago. The answer is that we are being 'softened up' or prepared to accept future mandatory statements as part of the 'new normal' (which they are not, by the way). What mandatory enforcements might be forthcoming? Here is my suggested timeline:

Late September/October - a second wave of the virus will emerge (as planned) to coincide with the 'Flu season' in the Western hemisphere. This time there will be many more cases (partly due to the wearing of face masks, which do not protect anyone and do in fact, compromise the immune system) and possibly, because another strain will be released.

November - a second lockdown for many countries, accompanied by the call for 'something to be done'

December - March - news that 'a vaccine' is now ready, voluntary at first, soon followed by the mandatory directive because not enough people are taking it (the wise ones). To back this up, there will be a curtailing of travel and other essential activities, for those who refuse the take the DNA changing poison that will be sold as the 'cure' to 'save lives'. All, a lie of course.

Don't believe me? - wait and see.

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