Man takes what meanings please him

White Feather has often used the above phrase when discussing belief systems and the difficulties of entering a closed mind. Many human minds are 'closed' in the sense that individual beliefs are often so well-entrenched that they cannot be moved. The majority of people who 'calibrate' below 200 on Hawkins 'Map of Consciousness' scale don't seem to concern themselves with aspiring to higher things and are largely focused on themselves and their immediate world. It was the founder of NLP Dr Richard Bandler who famously said 'People will fight for their limitations' and I have found this to be true. The metaphorical crutch by which they support themselves and their belief system is only ever surrendered begrudgingly. Why is this so? Perhaps because of the fear of losing the familiar, or the fear of discovering the unknown? One or both may be true.

It is because of this premise that manipulation of human consciousness is so easy for those who know how. Add a teaspoonful of fear, mix it up with some 'official' advice on what to do next, back this up with the the words of some 'very important' people such as pop starts, celebrities, politicians and news readers and finally, chuck in some statistics and maybe a dire prediction or two and boom!, result.

The formula works every time, because it's been tried and tested and known seldom to fail. Yet, it will always fail, before the enlightened mind. If you are going to take a 'meaning' from anything and call it your own, make sure you accept one that associates you with expansion, freedom of thought and expression, compassion, love, selflessness and enlightenment eh? Just a thought.

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