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For this third episode in the new season Robert speaks with renowned medium Sandy Ingham about her work as a spirit artist and also about the current global crisis. Sandy's main spirit guide Leo, who was himself a well-known artist in his time, is able to work through her, using her hands to draw strikingly accurate images of communicators from the afterlife. As Sandy herself says, "I don’t see the faces of those that I am drawing, and can only explain that your loved ones sit not for me, but for my artist in spirit, as their pictures take shape."

Her gift is that which allows her to connect to the spirit realm, to help people deal with grief, and to comfort those who have lost a loved one and she conducts tours all over the world, imparting her gift to those that seek it, in private and on stage. Sandy is also an author and her books 'Drawing on the passed' and 'The mediumship and psychic art or Sandy Ingham' can be found on her website along with examples of her work and many testimonials to her accuracy and evidence that our loved ones never die.

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