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UK spiritual healer Ed Pearson has been blessed to work with spirit guides Matthew, Father Francis, John, Joseph, Eduard and others to carry out healing for all kinds of physical, emotional and soul problems, often where conventional surgeons, doctors, psychotherapists or physiotherapists have done all they can to resolve them. The work that his guides carry out is very gentle and clients will often feel a great sense of calm and tranquility during and after the session. Ed's guides will work on multiple issues during the healing session, and they will know the order in which the conditions need to be resolved. Ed is sometimes referred to as a 'psychic surgeon' due to the way in which his guides sometimes perform 'operations' on the etheric body to remove blockages and treat other issues, but prefers the term 'spirit surgeon' to refer to his afterlife helpers, whilst recognising that he is only the channel through which they operate. Here in conversation with Robert, he discusses his healing work and shares some insights into the guidance given by his remarkable spirit team.


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