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The latest Rob Goodwin Podcast is now streaming via all the usual channels.

Featuring my interview with Summer Bacon who is a US based spiritual teacher, and has been a Trance Medium for the beautiful spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles since 1994. She first met Dr. Peebles in 1989, through Trance Medium, Thomas Jacobson [To Dance with Angels, by Don & Linda Pendleton]. When Thomas quit channeling, she decided that she did not want to lose her connection with Dr. Peebles, and proceeded to set out to "find" him with her heart. Here, she discusses her work as well as giving us glimpses into her earlier life, sharing some of the experiences that shaped her development. Summer's mission is not to prove the existence of God and Spirit to anyone, but rather to help demystify mysticism in order to empower people to create their own relationship with God and Spirit. She enjoys helping people who are struggling with their spiritual identity, and trying to figure out how to fit into and enjoy everyday life. Aside from channeling Dr. Peebles, she has personally counseled individuals who are afraid of ghosts, have had extraterrestrial encounters, fear death, are trying to connect with their guides and learn how to deepen their relationship with God by listening to that "still, small voice within." In this fascinating discussion she also channels Dr. Peebles (around 41 minutes in) much to the delight of her host, allowing the listener to sample the wisdom of the spirit guide.

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