It's easy to forget

It's amazing how much we seem to forget over the course of a lifetime. My wife often says to me jokingly 'You never listen', but as I always reply 'I DO listen, but don't retain every piece of information.

Apparently the human brain can process 400 billion bits of information per second (how did anyone work that out?) but 'we' are only aware of around 2000 bits and only take in about 1% of that. If this is true, then we a probably missing an awful lot of information, some of it irrelevant, but some of it subliminal and potentially very significant.

So what about memory? I can still remember things that happened to me as a child, yet sometimes forget why I have gone into a shop! It seems that short term memory, particularly for those unfortunate to be living with some types of dementia (not me, I would add) is particularly vulnerable. Also, a lot of us it would seem, tend to focus or remembering things such as pin-numbers, licence plates, TV schedules, sports fixtures, hair appointments, GP appointments and so on.

But here's the thing; how many of us have forgotten who and what we truly and are why we chose to be here during these challenging times? Many, it would seem. Yet, 'forgot' is a word that is sometimes afforded too much power and importance. Memory, I would suggest, does not reside in the brain or the body, but instead exists beyond it - within a personal field that exists at a higher frequency; therefore, under the right circumstances it is always available to us. Not only this, but everything we do, have ever done, or will ever do, including our thoughts, motives, desires and actions, is recorded within this same field.

Isn't it time to remember what we appear to have forgotten, or mislaid? Isn't it time to remember our true nature - all-knowing, all-powerful divine beings?

When we DO recall this information, it is transformative beyond measure. Gone is the 'little me', trembling under the weight of totalitarian impositions and draconian rules and dictates. Gone is the ogre of fear that paralyses so many of us and disturbs the inner peace and serenity of our natural state of being. Gone is the trepidation and indecision that blights our freewill and blinds us to the obvious.

As I've said so often - now is the time. If not now, then when?

It may be easy to forget, but don't forget the most important thing of all. The world needs you.