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In conversation with Lisa Brett

Look out for the latest Rob Goodwin Podcast from November 1st as Rob talks to author Lisa Brett about her life and her wonderful new book, written to help others deal with some of life's traumatic episodes.

Lisa has always loved reading self-help and personal growth books, which she was introduced to by a friend during a metaphorical bump in the road. The book she was loaned at the time put her in the driving seat to help herself when life suddenly pushed her into the wrong lane. Finding Happiness When It Hurts is Lisa’s debut book and was written following a spiritual awakening. This happened during the darkest period of Lisa’s life when she was consumed by an onslaught of toxic, heavy circumstances that happened to her one after the other, for a prolonged period of time. By the time she realised she was in the grip of enormous, life-transforming emotional pain, she was in no position to help herself get out of it. That was until a chance meeting with someone in a field changed everything. She now wants to help others who find themselves in the same situation and who fear they’ll never be happy again. This book reveals that not only is happiness within reach but also you can change your life for the better immediately. It provides comfort, reassurance that you’re not alone, and practical ways to help you flip how you see and think about dark moments. Storytelling, nuggets of wisdom and beautiful illustrations gently but profoundly lead you along the path where happiness is the final destination. There are also real-life stories from people around the world who, in the darkest of places, found hidden blessings that led them to feel at peace and to be happy and fulfilled once again.

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