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The second episode of The Rob Goodwin Podcast (second season) is now available. You can listen via this website, or through the Podcast Website The good news is that the podcast will soon be available through other outlets such as Spotify, Deezer and your Amazon Alexa device.

This episode features the bulk of the Q&A session from the October online Evening with White Feather event we undertook on Zoom. There are some really excellent questions, including a few concerning the current global crisis that you will find interesting. As always, White Feather doesn't hold back and 'tells it as it is', warts 'n all - not for the faint-hearted.

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I'd like to clarify something if I may..... My intent in creating the White Feather website which by the way, has been in existence now for over twenty years in one form or another, was to inform peop

The dilemma

No doubt many of you reading this will have either been asked to take 'the vaccine', know someone who has, or will soon be facing the dilemma of whether to accept it or not. I'm not medically qualifie