Easy to forget.......

You switch on the TV or Radio and every item seems to be about Coronavirus - half hourly updates, phone-ins, political broadcasts, debates, statistics - we are bombarded 24/7. This overkill is damaging to us on many levels - mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually and it is so easy to forget our true nature and the absolute peace and stillness that lies within.

I often say to people, 'There is no need to go searching for peace, it already resides within, if you are prepared to go there.' It is good practice to set aside a few minutes each day to disconnect from the mental turmoil that follows us everywhere and enter into the silence of our innermost being. When we do this, we immediately feel a weight lift from our shoulders and feel ourselves relaxing into our natural state. It takes only minutes to reach this sacred space and the relief it offers is beyond measure.

Letting go of control can be difficult for some people, so a little persistence may be required at first; but with practice it soon becomes second nature. What happens when we actually relinquish this control? What happens when we allow everything to be exactly as it is? The answer is simple; we are allowing our true Self to be revealed; we are going beyond the mind, with its illusionary world and seeing the Real, which is so often veiled to us. In this placeless place, there is nothing to be done; no effort to be made; nothing to say; just peace and stillness.

It is easy to forget that we are Awareness, but in the midst of chaos, it is a good time to remember.

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