Don't worry, be happy

We are bombarded by negativity, mainly via the mainstream media. Occasionally, I post items within my blog that may result in bringing to your attention negative aspects relating to the current global agenda - not to depress you, but rather to help raise your awareness of items of you which you might otherwise remain in ignorance.

Here's a true experience that will uplift you.

A couple of days ago, after being asleep for several hours I awoke, and had the experience of being somewhat disconnected from my physical body. I was still ‘me’ but not yet fully ‘awake’ in the sense of what we all normally experience as waking consciousness. I recall being very happy and totally free of the utter madness of this world. There was no fear, no concern, no worry; just peacefulness and calm. One could say that this was my natural state.

After a few moments I became aware of being connected once more with my body and all the concerns of material life came flooding back to my mind. But now, another thought accompanied them - that this life, this world..... all of it is just a play. None of it matters because it’s not real, just an experience. I became acutely aware of the futility and utter nonsense of what is currently playing out and into which countless millions of people divest their attention.

If you have ever had this type of experience, you will know that consciousness is not restricted to the limitations of the mind or the brain. It is not confined to anything and is not even a product of anything biological - rather, the reverse is the case; the body appears within consciousness.

So does the world and everything in it.

You could be forgiven for thinking and believing that what is happening in your life is so important, all consuming and inescapable - it isn't. Not only will you survive it all and continue to exist in a more beautiful, sane existence - a reality, far more beautiful and real than the illusion in which you now find yourself, but you already do.

It is the focus of your finite mind that pulls you into this shared experience. Yet each night, when you sleep, it disappears as your consciousness is freed from its temporary hold on you, only to reappear once more when you wake. Don't buy into the illusion. Experience it, but remember above all else that you are only an actor upon the stage of life. You are not 'I' is the personal sense of the identity that you have known since birth. You ARE 'I' in the eternal sense of being everything that ever was, is and shall be.

It really is that simple.

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