Decisions, decisions....

Updated: Nov 25

Those of you who consider yourselves to be 'on a spiritual pathway' of even 'a journey to enlightenment' may find yourselves facing a dilemma. If you are anywhere close to being 'awake' (as opposed to 'woke' or even 'asleep') you cannot fail to have noticed the growing tide of evil, and all its subsets - fascism, tyranny, greed, satanism, pedophilia, narcissism, hate, selfishness.......I could go on...... and it may have crossed your mind 'what is a spiritually aware person like me to do about it?'

On the one hand, you have the ancient spiritual teachings and great masters, saying that the spiritual acolyte should not engage with the world, but should remain centered and focused on 'the journey'. The world should be left to it's own devices and will be as it is meant to. Indeed, I have myself been 'advised' many times by some of my peers to remain silent, cease from commenting on the happenings of the world and to keep my own counsel. I do understand this view of course, and there are times when 'keeping one's counsel' is a wise thing to do.


You knew there was a 'but' coming didn't you? On the other hand, the world is going to hell in a handcart and it's being driven by a relatively small number of evil beings, rich (in monetary terms) beyond their wildest dreams, highly advanced in their use of technology and well drilled and coordinated in the implimentation of their plan to vastly reduce the human population and enslave the remainder to do their bidding. In this, they are in league with lower non-physical entities and human cross-breeds who have been placed into positions of power throughout the entire civilsed world, to carry out the bidding of their masters. There may well even be an alien or two in the mix as well.

So........ what is one to do? Well, the Buddhist 'middle path' is somewhat of an inviting compromise - that is to essentially live a life avoiding extremes of behaviour whilst striving for higher ideals. Yet, this alone, whilst it will work for some for a while, does not take into account the approaching darkness that threatens to destroy everything within its path. The saying 'It takes only a few good men to do nothing, for evil to triumph' comes to mind and I think this is something that each and every one of us has to consider long and hard.

Make no mistake, this is a test for the human spirit.

Whatever form or entity you consider evil to be, without doubt it will arrive at your doorstep, if it hasn't already, very soon. God and his angels are not about to step in and save you, whilst you do nothing. We have to understand the nature of the 'enemy' (or even the enemy within) and know that he is cunning, devious, clever and relentless. He will stop at nothing to destroy this world and all of humanity - I kid you not.

Please consider carefully then, your decision - do you expose, challenge, encounter and defeat this darkness because it is the right thing to do, or do you leave it to someone else and bury your head in the sand hoping it will go away. We are not in Biblical 'end times' just yet, but the days are growing short.

White Feather has of course been quizzed about this and his advce is simple yet profound, "Do what has to be done, because it is the right thing to do." Those of us who 'know' what is planned for every man, woman and child on the planet, have a responsibility born out of that very knowing. We therefore need to act wisely, in the best interests of all that we love and value most high. If not 'us', then who? If now 'now' then when?

As ever, I'll leave this dilemma with you. There is only one real solution - choose wisely.