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August edition of the Podcast

The latest Rob Goodwin Podcast, live from 1st August, features my chat with Caitlin Walsh, the UK based healer. Caitlin first discovered her gift of healing when she was a teenager. Suffering from near paralysis, she turned to alternative medicine for help and ended up in a healing circle in York, England. She stepped forward to receive healing and was subsequently told by the healer that she had healed him during the session, rather than the other way around. According to him, this was because Caitlin was carrying a very strong healing light. This explained why, starting when she was fifteen years old, her hands used to become very hot for no apparent reason.

Since that time, Caitlin has developed her healing mediumship and realised that she is working with doctors and healers from the spirit world who can use her connection to spirit and energy fields to bring specific healing rays down to earth. "The work that spirit can do from their world and how they can affect our world is mind blowing."

Working with spirit has left no doubt in Caitlin's mind of the existence of a world of spirit that coexists with this one. Many of her patients are opened to this world through their healing experiences with Caitlin and this can change the course of their lives. Caitlin feels that this is the primary purpose of her work, with the healing being an extremely positive side-effect. Knowing there is a world beyond this one brings comfort and healing to us and our planet. We all come from spirit before we are born and return to spirit after we die. The body is a vehicle to experience the earth plane. When we die, it is only the body that dies. Our spirit will continue to live on and evolve in the next world.

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