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A good friend of mine recently sent me the links for two very informative alternative newspapers. The problem with conventional news sources (TV, Radio and Newsprint) is that they are often owned by the same individuals or group and so spout the same official narrative. As a result, they present what appears as an apparently common view across the news spectrum, that people believe is the truth, simply because it appears consistent. This is a fundamental error in human perception, based on the principle that 'authority' (Government, Science, Pharma etc) should always be believed 'because they wouldn't lie would they?' - well, er, yes they would actually, and frequently do.

Here are the links for two sources of alternative information that you might wish to check out:

The Light & The Real News (New Zealand) are both newspapers that offer a fresh perspective on current events and allow the reader to be exposed to a different narrative to that, pushed by the MSM.

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