All lives matter

With all that is currently happening relative to the 'Black Lives Matter' narrative across all media platforms, I cannot help but wonder if we are being 'played' for reasons as yet unrecognised by the majority of people?

Interestingly, I came across these words, given to me in 2016:

"Racism is a concept that exists only within an ignorant mind. Yet in the game of life it is seen as a card played over and over again by those who have been dealt a hand by the few whose only desire is to profit by any means at the expense of the many. Never enter this game unless you wish to lose."

I have no time for racism whatsoever - it is morally and spiritually wrong. We are all ONE and until humanity recognises that there are no 'black lives' or 'white lives' and that AWARENESS knows no barriers or differences whatsoever, nothing will change. Anything that highlights 'physical' differences, whilst it may be well-intentioned by some, will inevitably be picked up by those wishing to create division in society and used to create chaos. We must see this for what it is and choose to disconnect from it. The solution to racism may appear complex, but in truth it is very simple: Love all.