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For those of you interested in the views of the spirit world (or those souls enlightened enough to speak about current and future world events) you may wish to take a listen to some new recordings added to the 'Listen' page of the website featuring White Feather speaking in 2011. Of particular interest is a question put to him about 'The New World Order' that brought forth an incisive answer from the sage, proving that advanced guides were aware many years ago of what is now unfolding upon the earth. Similar information can also be found within the latest Rob Goodwin Podcast (episode 25).

This information is of course, vital in proving that 'the future' can be seen and known by some, from their vantage point in the afterlife and we should take comfort in this fact. The dystopian agenda that is being forced upon us all with each passing day, is presented as a foregone conclusion, often in the most arrogant of ways by the psychopaths intent on bringing it to fruition via their 'Great Reset'. They portray this 'inevitablity' at every opportunity, particularly through the use of big-budget Hollywood movies to portray a future world of desolation, ruled over by artificial intelligence and 'elite' individuals.

This of course, is only the agenda that exists within their minds and is not one that is destioned to manifest as reality. What these evil individuals do possess however, is a knowledge of how reality is brought into expression through the intentions, beliefs and imagination of the human mind. It is for this reason that they have largely hijacked human thought and perception, replacing it with their false narrative. As large numbers of people, ignorant of this process, accept this tyrannical version of the future, it then comes into being - it has to, such is the power that humanity possesses.

This fact is KEY, to whether or not the 'elites' are successful in bringing about their Great Reset. It can be stopped, if there is sufficient will and intent within the collective consciousness of man. It is WE who hold the power and it is WE that can imagine and bring into being, a more wonderful reality. Quantum Physics has proven that thought directly affects the wave-form information of sub-atomic energy by collapsing the wave into the particle ('physical matter').

Do your research, change your belief system (the one that has been grossly manipulated into being since you were 'born' into this world) and see what has been hidden from you for your entire life. Once the scales drop from your eyes, you will never see the world in the same way. There is no going back.

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