All is known......

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Back in July I wrote a post on this blog that is now being proven correct, showing that all is known when it comes to what our spirit friends tell us about events that have yet to appear in our linear time frame.....

Late September/October - a second wave of the virus will emerge (as planned) to coincide with the 'Flu season' in the Western hemisphere. This time there will be many more cases (partly due to the wearing of face masks, which do not protect anyone and do in fact, compromise the immune system) and possibly, because another strain will be released.

November - a second lockdown for many countries, accompanied by the call for 'something to be done'

December - March - news that 'a vaccine' is now ready, voluntary at first, soon followed by the mandatory directive because not enough people are taking it (the wise ones). To back this up, there will be a curtailing of travel and other essential activities, for those who refuse the take the DNA changing poison that will be sold as the 'cure' to 'save lives'. All, a lie of course.

Understand that the entire pandemic scenario is a global scam or agenda if you prefer, to introduce a vaccine containing nano technology planned to modify human DNA for all time and facilitate connecting humans to artificial intelligence via 5G technology - effectively rendering humanity, a slave race, controlled by a relative few psychopaths at the top of the pyramid. For this reason, whatever the mainstream media say, see through the lies and think carefully before deciding on matters that will change your health, livelihood and wellbeing, as well as that of your children and grandchildren for the worse.

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