A time for clear seeing and thinking

As those of you who follow this blog or my Facebook posts will know, I am usually ahead of the game when it comes to predicting what will happen 'in the future', especially when it comes to the current crisis.

Whilst I am not going to outline in detail what will happen in 2021, I will say this; now is the time for clarity of sight, thought and action. The human race cannot afford to prevaricate any more; the evidence is overwhelming that a global coup by the deep state over humanity is taking place and needs to be stopped at all costs.

The strongest, most aware people in society have until now, been in the minority, but with the huge awakening that is taking place, many more previously 'asleep' individuals are now switching on to what 'conspiracy' theorists' have been warning about for many years. Whether these 'newbys' are spiritually wise and fit enough to respond in the ways required to halt the imposition of the New World Order, or 'Reset' as they prefer to call it, remains to be seen.

So what is 'the way'? It is simply this; non compliance, lawful rebellion and peaceful (where possible) revolution. An understanding of Common Law (the TRUE law of the land) is a good start, followed by people working together and supporting each other at every level. It is clear that our true rights (as written in the Magna Carta) have been kept hidden from us and replaced by a false narrative supportive of the satanic agenda designed to subjugate and enslave the human race.

The 'establishment' will throw everything possible at you (us) through their 'law', the media, government directive, the banking industry, the military, the medical militia and any other means that they deem suitable - resist as strongly as you can, for as long as you can.

Remember that light, truth and love our on our side. Evil can only survive by means of those who give it energy and temporary force. Yet, force is no match for true power. Darkness can never defeat light. Stay strong, and let's do what needs to be done.

Remember these important points, especially if facing 'authority' figures:

1) I am a living, breathing man or woman

2) I do not consent

3) I do not contract with you

4) No, I do not understand (or in legalise) I do not stand under your authority

Do NOT identify yourself as a person or a Mr/Mrs or as a citizen

May the power be with you. x

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