A thought....

Individually and collectively we experience many challenges that are perceived as being ‘outside’ of ourselves. Yet for each ‘external’ experience there lies an internal presence that enables us to meet those challenges with courage and strength.

The current world problems, some man made and others, part of natural cycles, call for shifts in consciousness that encompass a new way of being. For these innumerable challenges we can either react in ways that are determined by the forces of egoic mind, resulting in more of what already exists – fear, war, manipulation and control, or we can choose to respond from our higher universal consciousness.

When each of us makes the choice to operate from our all-powerful centre of love then our perceived reality changes – there is a shift away from negative based thinking and actions towards a deep desire and need to serve others.

Conceptual mind divides, labels and separates. It is time-bound and restricted to form and content. Higher consciousness is all encompassing, selfless, all knowing and eternal.

The paradigm shift that has begun is calling you to follow and the deep longing that you have to love and be loved, to reside in a world of fairness, peacefulness and joy is the force that seeks your response.

The change IS happening. It HAS begun. The old systems of control will be dismantled and ignorance will eventually be replaced by truth at all levels for this is the law. This is the will of the infinite.

Have courage, follow your heart and remember that all is known.